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Hello, my name is Manabu!

I'm working for Miyoshi city office (Tokushima prefecture, Shikoku Island), sightseeing division.

By the way, what is your image of Japan?
Megalopolis like Shinjuku? Beautiful temples in Kyoto and Nara? Modern culture and Anime? High quality technologies?

Until last year I've been in Tokyo, and Yokohama for over 20 years but I think West Tokushima area (We call it "Nishi-Awa") is the very good place to experience local and traditional style Japanese life.
Even I (of course, I'm Japanese) was surprised to see and experience the life and beautiful nature in Nishi-Awa area, so you may also!

Now I'm making the sightseeing plans around Mt. Tsurugi, including outdoor activities, visiting local farms, making lacquer soup bowls, and so on.

From 2018 we are planning to sell these sightseeing experiences but before that, we want to check customer's voice and make these contents better. So first we will provide these products as a test (at a lower price).

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