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Rose is the co-founder and manager. Rose combines commitment and perfectionism with her artistic and creative experience from the world of dance and theatre. She studied in one of the most important art universities in Europe, and developed her passion in many stages in Europe and Latin America. In constant movement and living in different countries she evolved her practice and enjoyment of freediving through her spiritual life, meditation and the deep relationship within herself. She has been teaching in many countries for twelve years.

Rose prides herself on a combined freediving and yoga experience which heightens guests' experience as well as their general wellbeing. She delivers a world class freediving education here in the clear blue, deep calm waters of Bali that's unique as it's a fusion of freediving and yoga. She teaches internationally accredited SSI programs for all levels of experience. There is no better system to learn and explore freediving and ultimately yourself. And there are few places better than Bali to take that journey.

Rose's goal is to provide you with a unique experience, in a safe, fun environment and spark a passion to discover more about yourselves and to continue in this immensely rewarding sport.

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