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Hi, my complete name is I Nyoman Pasek Subrata, but you can call me Nyoman. I studied tourism in a hotel school in Denpasar for 1 year and worked in a hotel for 3.5 years. After that I opened a tourist office in Ubud for 6 years and now I love what I do: treks and bike tours for over 3 years already!

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29 Reviews for Nyoman

  • Rosmalina Rosmalina

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise I booked it for my husband (35) my mom in law (65). Though my mom in law hikes for 2-3 times a year, the trek was too much for her. Thank God we booked a private tour and she made it, cos it could've been worse.

    Therefore I wont recommend this trek for elderly or kids as it is really steep!! Unfortunately this information was almost nowhere to find in most tour agencies. I'd like therefore suggest voyagin to put some information about the hiking difficulties level.

    Otherwise, the booking was very easy, through website and per credit card. The communication was friendly too. I had bad experience in this with other popular agency.

    We had a different guide than it was confirmed per email. But it didn't matter cos he did a good job.

    You also might want to bring enough sweaters as it is very cold above.

  • Dovile Dovile

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise Fantastic!!!! Great view! While climbing up it felt hard but once you get up there you forget about everything and think to yourself that was nothing and so worth it :) had a great cup of coffee up there to warm myself up because it gets pretty cold up top there and windy too ! Love it and would do it again :)

  • Clive Clive

    Trek in Bali's Rice Fields

    Trek in Bali's Rice Fields We were picked up on time at our villa and driven to Nyoman's local village Pejeng. We learnt some of the customs and met some villagers which was nice. The trek was about 4 kms and quite easy going most of the time but wear good walking shoes! Our host was very friendly and witty and we enjoyed our time in the Balinese countryside.

  • Kati Kati

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise The hike was amazing. Our guide was very informative, and helped us get both up and down the mountain. Definitley a trek for people accustomed to hiking!

  • Clara Clara

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise

    Climb Mt. Batur at Sunrise Our young guide was really helpful and he helped my friend and I literally every step of the way, making sure that we climbed up the precarious rocks safely. He made sure that we arrived at the top just in the nick of time to watch the sunrise too! He constantly encouraged us even when we started getting tired. The view was absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad I did it.

    Special thanks to our guide because he became my personal photographer too :)
    Just remember to bring a jacket because once you've cooled down from the hike, it can get pretty chilly at the top! and wear proper shoes. The volcanic ash up the mountain is a tough one.

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