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Wilai was born in a Karen family. She is half Karen and half Shan. Wilai grew up in a Karen village and she has received scholarships from the missionaries for her education in Mae Sarieng and in Chiangmai.

After her graduation in Tourism from Maejo University in Chiangmai, she works with Travel Company as a Tour Guide. She guiding in Thailand for more than 10 years. She pround to be born as Karen Hilltribe and never forget her root. 

She realizes that it’s now time to go back to her own village where her roots are. She wants to show the culture of the people in her own town and at the same time she wants to help preserve the culture and she wants to teach the new Karen generation to be proud and keep their roots in the old way.

Wilai wants to be able to show the world how beautiful her people and culture are and she wants to help the people earn some money for their living.


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