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My name is Kazuhiko Goto (Mr.).
I’m a certified English Tour Guide.
I would like to separate myself from other tour guide.
I’m not just a tour guide.
My knowledge of geography, history, culture and cuisine will make sure your trip to Japan is unforgettable.

I have guided many tourists all over japan
such as Nikko, Tokyo, kamakura, Mt. Fuji, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Fukuoka.
Therefore, I have confidence that you will enjoy this tour and have a memorable tour.

Now, I take delight in doing this job
I am sure that I can make you enjoy Cool Japan!

I look forward to seeing you here in Japan.

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12 Reviews for Kazuhiko

  • Alan Alan

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto I highly recommend Kazuhiko. He was attentive and professional from the start. Answering all our questions with knowledge and great enthusiasm. He has an intimate knowledge of local history and culture. He was also very good with our kids. We also enjoyed the use of public transport as it gave us a unique outlook into the life of the Japanese. If one has the chance to take part in a tea ceremony, please jump at the opportunity. I highly recommend the services of Kuzohiko.

  • Hayato Hayato


    京都1日ツアー(清水寺・祇園コース) とてもいい経験になりました。飽きることなくツアーを楽しめました。他のツアーも参加してみたいです。

  • Michelle Michelle

    See Kyoto's best sakura cherry blossom spots!

    See Kyoto's best sakura cherry blossom spots! We were not disappointed. As we arrived japan had a cold snap which delayed the cherry blossoms in most areas we travelled to. The areas we were taken to were beautiful as some trees were in full blossom and some in partial. Our guide, Yoichiro who is a lovely patient individual, was informative of the area and the culture. And if he couldn't answer a question he sent us an email to give us links to other places that we were interested in. In addition, after the tour had finished Yoichiro guided us to our next destination.
    Thanks again Yoichiro

  • Tse Yin Tse Yin

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto Goto was a very caring and accommodating tour guide. The suggested itineraries were good! Kyoto is a great place to visit with lots of shrines and temples, Goto made sure we have the best vantage points and explained the history of each place. For those who haven't been to Kyoto, public transport can be quite daunting. As this is a private walking tour we get to go to these places at our leisure. We didn't waste any time trying to find our ways to these places ourselves. Goto had everything mapped out. I would highly recommend Goto. Just like the rest of Japan, there are lots of walking involved. :)

  • Joshua Joshua

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto

    Discover the most memorable tour in Kyoto Excellent one day tour. Kazuhiko was an excellent guide and very accommodating and he puts a lot of effort in to preparation to make the tour special. We learned a lot about Shinto and Buddhism during the day and enjoyed the cultural heritage of Kyoto. During the day we saw so many amazing sites including Kinkakuji, Fushimi Inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Nijyo castle and Sanjyusangen-do hall, explored the old streets of Kyoto and finished with an amazing dinner in Pontocho.

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