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My name is Naoaki. I started up Travelience in 2013 and have traveled to 30 countries in 2012.

Travelience is a group of expert travel guides in Tokyo. We believe traveling with a good guide is more fun than traveling by yourself. Our policy is "more knowledge, more fun". Our guides know all about Tokyo: its culture, history, food, etc. We would like to show you Tokyo so that you can truly enjoy while you're here. We know you're only here for a short while, so we've prepared inexpensive tours for you to use your time efficiently. Come travel Tokyo with us!

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15 Reviews for Naoaki

  • Carolyn Carolyn

    Private West Tokyo One Day Tour

    Private West Tokyo One Day Tour A friendly and informative tour guide took us on a good-paced sightseeing tour of 3 different areas of Tokyo highlighting temples, shrines and interesting shops. We were able to decide upon what we wanted to see before-hand and were able to choose the type of food we wanted to eat. Great tour!

  • Alex Alex

    Private West Tokyo One Day Tour

    Private West Tokyo One Day Tour The tour was great. Yuka took us to various places, including those that we've already visited, but with her explanations and comments, it was different experience. Especially we've loved the flea market with small shops with local goods and fresh food.

  • Jasslyn Jasslyn

    East Tokyo One Day Tour

    East Tokyo One Day Tour The best part of the tour was my host - Yuriko. She is great in proposing last min itinerary and suggestions and my kids love her. Yuriko is also very patient. It was really an undesirable weather to start with. We only manage to see the outer part of the palace after walking for such a long distance. There's alot of parts that we have missed out such as Sumida River and one of the garden due to downpour and traveling of kids. Overall Yuriko made it great and Asakusa & Kannon temple are interesting too!

  • Monika Monika

    Samurai City Kamakura Tour

    Samurai City Kamakura Tour The tour was great and we enjoyed it very much. Our guide was so helpful. One more note. Next time please give the fees for admissions. This will help a lot.

  • Oscar Oscar

    Private East Tokyo One Day Tour

    Private East Tokyo One Day Tour It was a wonderful trip guided by Mikiko. We visited the temple, river cruise, tea house, tsukiji market and department mall at Ginza. Satisfied!

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