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My name is Gede and I am originally from Penempahan Village, Tampaksiring (famous for our holy spring water temple). I am the son of the cultural leader of Penempahan Village and with this unique heritage and background, I would like to guide you to some of Bali’s hidden temples and monuments.

My family wishes to preserve and sustain this key element of Balinese history and believe to do this we must share its story with Balinese and tourists alike. We have worked with a leading world expert on sustainable tourism to ensure that our main impact is the preservation of the temples and that the surrounding villages directly benefit by your choice to visit.

Included in your tour fee is a donation that goes directly to the restoration of the temples, so we thank you in advance for your support. Come and explore the hidden Bali with me and I promise it will be something special...

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  • Praditya Praditya

    Bali Hidden Temples and Cultural Heritage Tour

    Bali Hidden Temples and Cultural Heritage Tour This tour will bring you back to the past in an modern way! First, we will come to the home of Bapak Enong where he will tell a short story and presentation about how the Hinduism entering Bali, after that, we will have a tour to the hidden temple under the UNESCO world heritage preservation. You'll never expect to see those temple hidden in such a beautiful village of Tampaksiring , while enjoying the beautiful view of the landscape, we also have a chance to visit the Luwak Coffee plantation nearby, and taste the most expensive coffee in the world ! This is a must try tour for those who love to learn about history, architecture, and natural culture of the Balinese people.


    Bali Hidden Temples and Cultural Heritage Tour

    Bali Hidden Temples and Cultural Heritage Tour Team was perfect, intelligent, wonderful, food was superb, overall the trip was great

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