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I am native Dosanko, born and brought up in Hokkaido. I'd like you to enjoy the real Sapporo life just like Dosanko do in our city.

The places I used to live,
Memphis, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Dubai, UAE
Amman, Jordan
Baghdad, Iraq

And I have visited many other places in the world. Whenever I visit any place abroad, I want to have some conversation with local people. So, the idea came into my mind to be the one who can make you happy, while you're staying in Sapporo.

I love fly fishing, Kayaking and having new experiences. Looking forward to seeing you in Sapporo!

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3 Reviews for Hitoshi

  • Walter Walter

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo Hitoshi took us to a little out of the way izakaya restaurant run by an absolute genius of a chef. The food and company was amazing.

    We can't recommend Hitoshi highly enough, he is a star!

  • Laurie Laurie

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo We were looking for things to do while in Sapporo, so we decided to try the Izakaya Experience in Sapporo. Hitoshi san sent a questionnaire to check on our preferences for types of food & price ranges. Then he gave us options based on our responses. Communication with Hitoshi san was great.
    We decided on a restaurant called Hiroshi. Each dish was thoughtfully prepared and so very delicious. Conversation was great and the meal was world class.
    I'd highly recommend trying the Izakaya Experience in Sapporo with Hitoshi san!

  • Keelah Keelah

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo

    Izakaya Experience in Sapporo We had a lovely dinner with Hitoshi on our first night in Sapporo. He was so much fun to talk to, and couldn't have chosen a better restaurant. We went to a place that featured ingredients local to Hokkaido, and everything was delicious. Hitoshi also had great recommendations of activities and other restaurants for us to try while we were in town. Thank you, Hitoshi, for such a memorable and enjoyable evening!

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