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Whoever has the most fun wins. I don't intend to win. but I intend to have as much fun as possible. I love my place for its access to nightlife, I hope that is why you will come to visit and enjoy.

I go dancing Salsa several times a week. I do hip-hop on the weekends, fancy-shmancy executive bars on 2-3 weeknights, chit-chat over coffee 1-2 days a week, and movies every time I can get a date. Life is great. Tokyo is so fun, safe and cosmopolitan. This is the best location to enjoy it. My home is your home and I want you to feel welcome.

I also love intellectual conversation. Having guests with different points of views, skills, and experience sets is always exciting. It has been great hosting AirBnB guests for me. I hope to meet more and more interesting people.

I majored in "Japanology" in university. I am a learned and graduated Japan specialist. I can tell you about the modern and historical intricacies about Japan. Japan has spent considerable effort to make this a fun, safe and clean place. I have lots of respect for that and hope you enjoy Japan too and learn something to take home to your home country as well.

I grew up all over Los Angeles county as a foster care youth. My ancestors are 100% native sons of the US for over 5 generations (so don't ask me where I'm from LOL). I have been in Japan for over 15 years now. It is not always perfect, but home is where you make it.

My life is simple, hack this life and maximize my own potential. Therefore, I try to stay outdoors and keep moving, dancing, grooving and hustling.

Thanks for reading.

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