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Sushi Mafia ( has been delivering the values of sushi from various methods and ways since their foundation in 2014. With the motto "DO EVERYTHING SUSHI RESTAURANTS CANNOT DO", all of their ingredients are Michelin Star quality, own a tuna dealer in the Tsukiji Fish Market, and organize high-end sushi experiences to the VIPs from all over the world.

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5 Reviews for Sushi Mafia Tours

  • Daniel Daniel

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop Totally recommended. I had been to the Tsukiji market by myself before, but missed all the nuances that an experienced host can provide. We were even shown how to make a fish "angry" (not what it seems, take the tour if curious). The sushi making workshop was great, also. There is much more to making sushi than just placing raw fish on top of rice balls. The rice recipe is crucial, as is the way of rolling and shaping the rice balls and the presentation. Overall a fantastic experience, and got to eat a lot, too. Can't beat that.

  • Klaus Klaus

    Special Tokyo Sushi Insider Workshop in Tsukiji Market

    Special Tokyo Sushi Insider Workshop in Tsukiji Market Very interesting tour, friendly and knowledgable guide and cooking team, delicious sushi! As far as I can I tell, rather authentic. Booked the tour as a birthday present and the hosts even created a "birthday cake" on the fly. Highly recommended and well worth the price.

  • Jens Jens

    VIP Tsukiji Insider Auction Tour

    VIP Tsukiji Insider Auction Tour Highly recommendable!!! No waiting in the line and having access to FRESH tuna auction which is normally not accessible for anyone except seller (no private persons!) I was only one! Then going to innernarket which opens to public just at 9 AM but we where there at 5 AM no private person just experiencing the busy vibe!! After that going with normal people to FROZEN tuna auction also very nice . Finally sashimi breakfast!!! Perfect thank you Morita-San and Natsu-San!!! Fantastic!!!

  • Joseph Joseph

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop This was one of the most memorable experiences of our time in Tokyo and it was well worth the price of admission. We were able to work with a sushi master one on one through the entire process of making sushi. A lot of other places only teach the basics of assembling the final piece. Well, when you have all of the ingredients already prepped, it's no wonder that you can never seem to replicate what they did to get it as good as you did in the class.

    NOT in this class. We first had a special tour of Tsukiji where we had him pick out the freshest fish we have ever had (and might ever have). I mean, it was still alive when we picked it up! He told us how he picks fish and what we can look for to get similarly amazing pieces.

    With ingredients in hand, we went to his personal kitchen where we systematically cleaned and prepped all the fish. This included hands on instructions on how to cut the fish in that special way to make it look beautiful and unbroken.

    Sidenote of awesomeness: The amount of fish we got was probably close to half the price of admission. We had at least $60 worth of special tuna, plus a whole flounder, a whole squid, a large cut of salmon, and some pieces of Yellow Jack. That's some good value from that perspective.

    Then we made the rice from scratch. Since the rice is a huge part of the dish, I'm so happy that he went over how to make it. It's so much better now that it has been explained to me. I'm sure I can make it again now.

    Then, finally, we were ready to make the sushi. You can't go wrong with a master holding your hand to get you perfectly made sushi.

    We had sushi as well as some additional special dishes that the sushi master insisted he make himself. It was a very special experience for everyone.

    Without a doubt, a time to never forget.

  • Milagros Milagros

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop

    Tsukiji Sushi Insider Workshop “Super sushi class!”

    I had a wonderful sushi class today with Hirobumi (the chef) and Tsubasa, our super friendly and helpful guide. Very good English too. The morning session was full so Hiro accomodated us by opening a class just for us at 2:30 in the afternoon. The class was hands on and more than I expected. I really learned a lot and am excited to go home and practice. Thanks Hiro and Tsubasa for the great, funfilled day we had today! Made our trip to Tokyo so memorable.

    Visited April 2015

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