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Hi, I'm from Tokyo.
I'd like to introduce local life in Tokyo.
Let's enjoy Tokyo together!

I enjoy meeting new people, discovering new places, and always learning something new!
I love traveling in the world.
I have been to 80 countries.

I love the outdoors and an adventure all the time.
I like hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

I'm happy to guide you in Tokyo and outdoor ski adventures.
If you have any questions or would like further information for my tours, please send me a message! at Gmail

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  • Stephanie Stephanie

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals My first concern was accidentally racking up a huge bill, like you sometimes see in manga. Sally will make sure that doesn't happen. The tour is an "introductory" session to the host club experience, so the fee and drinks are fixed. You meet a different guy every ten minutes and after 5 guys, you pick one to spend the last 10 minutes with. If you lived in Tokyo and were intending to come back, this would be the host you were "assigned" to and he would get credit for all the bottles you order. For this "introductory session," you are paying for your entrance fee and drinks, Sally's entrance fee and drinks, and the boys' drinks. There is a bottle price list on the table (cheapest bottle I saw was about $400 USD) but you are NOT required to order one.

    The boys are very nice and will respect your comfort level. They start sitting across from you. If you invite them to sit next to you, they will. They will not touch you unless you ask them to. Some are better English speakers than others, but they really tried to carry a conversation. Sally was immensely helpful here as well and helped translate when necessary. She will give you an etiquette lesson before you even go in so you know what to expect and what to do.

    I had so much fun and can't wait to come back and do this tour again. The host club, particularly for women, is unique to Japan and I'm so glad Sally was around to navigate this experience. 10/10.

  • Sandy Sandy

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals I went out to a host club with Sally last night. This was one of the most fun and best experiences ever!

    Sally was able to talk about the host clubs before we went and how things are usually done. There is no touching and it’s really safe, the hosts behave like perfect gentlemen.

    We went to a host club after. It was so fun - the guys are there to chat with you and there isn’t any unwelcome gestures at all. The hosts are very attentive to detail, pouring your drinks and making sure you aren’t too cold or too hot. They are masters at conversation and are very engaging. Luckily, most of the hosts spoke some English and I had no problem communicating with them. I learned that you really don’t need to know a language fluently to connect with another person after this experience!

    Sally made the whole night comfortable and helped me translate if I really didn’t understand. She was great and helped me hail a cab after the night was over (she also walks to the station if that is your preference).

    When I go to Tokyo again, I am definitely reaching out to her and bringing my girlfriends! Everyone’s been asking about my experience since I went and I honestly think you shouldn’t miss out on this unique experience that is only in Japan!

  • Blaze Blaze

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals

    Visit a Host Club in Shinjuku: Lady's night life with locals My friend and I wished to try a Japanese Host Club, but were unsure how to do so with our limited Japanese and knowledge of the industry. Sally was the answer! She communicated with us before the meeting, and met with us easily at the exact time and place. Before going to the club, we went out for a light dinner, over which she explained the rules and customs of the Host Clubs, what to do or not do, and what to expect. After that, we headed to the club! The experience was truly unique and a lot of fun, and my friend and I have been chatting about it nonstop since it happened.

    My friend and I were unsure how safe Host Clubs were, how expensive it might be, and if we would be admitted, since we don't drink alcohol. As it turns out:

    The night was VERY safe! We felt at ease with Sally's guiding, and at no point during the evening did we feel any sort of unease or wariness. It was completely safe!

    The price was a set, flat rate, and it was clearly explained what not to do in order to keep the flat rate the same.

    That we could not drink alcohol was not a problem. We sipped tea all night, and no one seemed to care that we did.

    All in all, it was a great evening. Sally was wonderful, with excellent English, and a great attitude. I highly recommend both her, and the experience.

  • cathaleeya cathaleeya

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour We were very happy with this tour, especially the great dinner recommendation based on our interest in fresh seafood!
    Sally was very knowledgeable and very friendly. We had a great time with her. We loved strolling around the back street .

  • John John

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour

    Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai Night Tour Met Sally at the Train station in Shinjuku and soon met up with another couple from San Francisco to start the tour. Sally was very informative gave some interesting information about Kabukkicho area the Golden Gai area. We ate at a I nice Restaurant in the area and Sally continue to be a wealth of knowledge on the customs of Japanese Culture. I personally learn a lot during the few hours I spent on the tour with her. She was also nice enough walk me back to the Train Station to make sure I did not get lost.

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