5% OFF Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai: Asia's #1 Zip Lining

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Flight of the Gibbon Zip Line Chiang Mai - Voted #1 Attraction in Asia! Experience the magic of the rainforest near Chiang Mai in northeast Thailand. Explore the lush jungle canopy and spot the gibbons on an eco-adventure of a lifetime!


  • Play Tarzan on SEA's Longest and Highest Single Zip Line and #1 Attraction in Asia!
  • Soar like a Gibbon above Thailand's Primal Rainforest!
  • Conserve the Forest and Protect the Gibbons on this Eco-Tourism Adventure.
  • No Experience Needed- Fully Trained 'Sky Rangers' to Guide Everyone!
  • Personal Insurance Coverage - Safety is our #1 Priority.
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