Tuna Cutting Show Maguro Shoten in Shinjuku Discount Coupon

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Get a free Voyagin Discount Coupon and save 1,000 JPY for every 5,000 JPY spent at “Maguro Shoten” in “Kabukicho, Shinjuku”! Maguro or tuna is justifiably called the King of Sushi, and Maguro Shoten presents an incredible nightly* tuna-cutting show!


  • Save 1,000 JPY for every 5,000 JPY spent at “Maguro Shoten”.
  • Your free Voyagin Discount Coupon is good for any date the restaurant is open
  • Arrive early to watch the famed tuna-cutting show before your meal
  • Enjoy a variety of maguro dishes at this upscale izakaya in Kabukicho, Shinjuku
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