ONE-STOP Japanese Cultural Experience

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In program you will experience various Japanese cultural things such as cooking / Shodo experience (about 50min) / Origami experience (about 30min) / Furoshiki experience (about 20 min) / Matcha tea time (about 30min).


  • An estimated five hour Japanese cultural session in the comfort of a local home in Tokyo opens your heart and appetite and grasps the techniques behind cooking popular Japanese cuisine like sushi rolls.
  • Learn the trick behind whisking a good bowl of macha green tea and taste specially selected Wagashi, a well loved Japanese confectionery.
  • Savor the ambrosial flavors of a piping hot home-cooked meal which includes the choice of dishes like Okonomiyaki or other Japanese delicacies of your desire
  • Go back in time and experience the strokes behind authentic calligraphy writing.
  • Just how good are you at arts and crafts? Get your hands moving with a Japanese origami folding session and discover the versatility of Furoshiki!
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