Reservation for Crab Restaurant Kani Douraku in Osaka

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Kani Douraku is the most popular crab restaurant chain in Osaka, with its big sign showing a crab. The big red crab with its legs stretched out hangs right above the restaurant. It looks amazing and it's really worth seeing!


  • Visit the chain's flagship restaurant, Honten (the original restaurant) in Dotombori, Osaka.
  • Take photos of the big crab sign hanging above the restaurant!
  • Try crab shabu-shabu. It's fun to dip a small strip of crab meat into a bubbling pot!
  • Do you know what a dig seat is? Try sitting and tucking your legs into a hole in the floor.
  • Try to eat kani shabu (crab hot pot) kaiseki (a meal with many different courses). There are seasonal dishes on offer, which are only available for a while.
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