1-Day Ocean-Themed Tour: Visit aquarium & Matsushima,Miyagi

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Visit Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium, which newly opened in 2015, and enjoy lunch and shopping at a market featuring numerous shops and an abundance of products. Have fun walking along the beach at Matsushima, one of Japan's 3 most scenic spots!


  • Be wowed by the dolphin and sea lion shows at the new aquarium, and enjoy an exhibit on animals in Miyagi and the world.
  • At a market full of shops, you can buy seafood, and have it cooked to eat right there.
  • At the market, choose seafood of your liking to make your very own rice bowl topped with seafood.
  • Delight in strolling around Miyagi's famous sightseeing place, Matsushima, which is one of Japan's 3 most scenic spots.
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