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51 件中 1 - 36 件を表示


  • Junichi Junichi

    Hone Your Samurai Skills with KOZIN: A Martial Arts Game

    Hone Your Samurai Skills with KOZIN: A Martial Arts Game 今回は外国人の友達に思い出に強く残る体験をさせたいと思って、日本の武道の企画に参加しました。僕自身も日本の剣術などについて何も知らず不安なところがありましたが、そんな心配は不必要でホストが優しく迎え入れてくれました。終始、和やかな雰囲気でしたが、いざ剣術の型が始まるとその鋭さと空気に惹き込まれました。また、袴を着せてもらい剣をお互い構え合うことによって生まれる緊張感は、僕に"サムライ"の心情を体験させてくれました。最後に体験させていただいたのは、最新技術を用いた「雷鳴ψ」という剣術の体感ゲーム。実際に防具をつけて、相手との勝負を体感しました。夢中になりながら、肌で剣術を感じて楽しむことが出来る貴重な経験になりました。日本人の方にも日本武道の文化を再認識する機会としてオススメです!

  • Mark Mark

    Learn to Play the Shamisen and Koto

    Learn to Play the Shamisen and Koto Kozan-san was a fantastic teacher. My wife and I both have significant guitar experience and Kozan-san was able to leverage that into an all too short lesson. We learnt one of the Yoshida brother's classics and even had some time to get an intro into koto. I was so impressed by the lesson that I bought his book of Shamisen scores which has been a primary resource for me to understand Japanese music .

  • Henry Henry

    Watch Early Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable

    Watch Early Morning Sumo Training in Tokyo at a Sumo Stable We lucked out and went to the Sumo training on a day when they were practicing a great variety of wrestling skills. It was incredible to see the different techniques employed. I was told the wrestlers were very flexible, but it is another thing to see it in reality. Our guide was very informative and had explained the different exercises the athletes do. He was very enthusiastic and provided a lot of background and context. At the end we were able to have our pictures taken with some of the athletes. It was a great experience.

  • Vincent Vincent

  • Krystal Mae Krystal Mae

    Learn to Play Taiko

    Learn to Play Taiko This was a super fun experience during my first trip to Japan. I've always admired Taiko drums and thought they were really cool so it was a cool experience to try playing them. Daisuke is really knowledgeable and friendly and made the experience all the more memorable. Something to note for anyone considering taking a Taiko drum lesson while in Japan, Daisuke's studio is one of very few who have that really large taiko drum and allows their clients practice on. Definitely recommend his experience!