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  • Renz Renz

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo

    Mt Fuji Climbing Tour – Overnight Guided Hike from Tokyo My girlfriend and I went to this tour as we're having second thoughts on doing the Fuji hike on our own. It's a great experience and the guides are very helpful. Though their english is only basic and we'd like to understand something that they explain on the scenary. But overall it's nice to have them by yourside in the tour.

  • Karim Karim

  • Alvin Alvin

    20% OFF Go-Kart Roppongi in Tokyo

    20% OFF Go-Kart Roppongi in Tokyo It was so fun to relive those moment of Mario games. But I should take one hour trip instead of 2 , because y butt was hurt after 2 hours on a go-kart....hehe
    I thought we will go to Shibuya crossing but this trip is not.
    But it was so cool that we go under a tunnel with very curve turns,
    Go over a bridge that turn 360 degree in high speed, like 50 Khm, very intense....
    Love it if you love speed and racing.

    From California

  • Alvin Alvin

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees!

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees! I wish I can post more photos to show everyone how beautiful this trip was, instead of 3 pictures. Tomomi was a great guide to help us understand this forest and nature around Mt Fuji. This route I found so many beautiful mushroom, I called “mushroom hunting trip” ...hehe
    My friends from Facebook all surprise when they saw our pictures in Bat cave. It was a small cave but it was fun and nice for beginners like us. Really cool, but not for children or someone afraid of the dark though.

    I strongly recommend this trip with Tomomi because she needs money so that she can travel to the US to visit our home !!! Hahaha...Just joking !
    Tomomi was well prepared and her English was very good.
    Hope everyone take this trip with her will have a happy time at Mt Fuji.

    A lot of walking so prepare your lower body strength.
    Good mountain walking shoe because it was slippery in the cave and the forest full of mosses on the rock and path.
    We stayed at Shibuya so it was a long way for us to get to Kawaguchiko station and back. I recommend staying in around Mt. Fuji town to save travel time.
    The lakes are beautiful and we forgot our swimsuits, I don’t know if they let you swim but it looks very tempting ....

    Alvin & Ann
    From California

  • Paige Paige

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo We did the 3 hour tour - the last one of the day starting at 5:30pm. Was a great way to see the popular tourist attractions in Tokyo! Only 4 in the group (meant to be 6). Tour guide was great, except for a bad joke he made that didn’t seem like a joke at the time. We saw Tokyo Tower, SkyTree, Rainbow Bridge and Akihabara. I would suggest you wear some eye protection as you do get a bit of dust/road debris/ go kart fibreglass baffling debris out the exhaust. I had the fibreglass baffling almost hit me in the eye as we went over Rainbow Bridge. Other than that it was great, would definitely suggest it to everyone!