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3 件中 1 - 3 件を表示


  • Elisha Elisha

    Learn the Basics of Balinese Dance

    Learn the Basics of Balinese Dance After they forgot to pick me up and to use car 1 1/2 hours late the good workshop started lasting onlu 1 1/2 hours with 2 10 min breaks. Total approx 1hr10min. The booking stated 3hrs. There pamphlet there advertises 2hrs for rupiah28000. If i had known I wouldnt have prebooked and paid for other workshop especially when asked to pay again for this 1/2 of one

  • Helen Helen

    Enjoy the Culture and Crafts of Bali

    Enjoy the Culture and Crafts of Bali This was the second tour with voyagin on our 10 night stay in Bali. Our tour guide this time was Sharif and again was a very safe driver who spoke great English and was very accommodating and knowledgeable. We loved learning about the Balinese culture and I particularly enjoyed the look around a local home. We saw the skills of the locals at work and bought some beautiful jewellery and woodwork. There is absolutely no pressure to buy however we could not resist as they were so beautiful. I also enjoyed going inside of the temple and as there was a ceremony on for 3 days , we witnessed the men and women carrying out their roles. Would again highly recommend this company and if we were not returning to England tonight we would be booking another tour. Because of this tour when we return to Bali we will be staying in Ubud as it is definitely the culture centre of bali.
    Thank you again Sharif, from Helen and Stephanie Rutherford.

  • Ericka Ericka

    Learn the Basics of Balinese Dance

    Learn the Basics of Balinese Dance I really enjoyed this class and having no dance experience I felt like I was not judged. The host created a very relaxed and free environment and let me go at my own slow pace. It was great to get an up close and personal look at the beautiful intricate movements of Balinese dance and workout muscles I rarely use.