Things to do キンタマーニの観光に関する14件の現地ツアー



  • Yoko Yoko

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local

    Visit the Ancient Trunyan Village with a Local 日本人で彼のトルニャンツアーに参加したのは私が初めてだそうです。

  • Takako Takako

    20% OFF バトゥール山 日の出トレッキング 専用ハイキングコース(英語ガイド)

    20% OFF バトゥール山 日の出トレッキング 専用ハイキングコース(英語ガイド) トレッキングの前後には、カフェのような場所でコーヒーなどサービスがあります。そこで軽くオリエント懐中電灯、500mlの水が手渡されました。用意があると思ってなかったのでヘッドライトを持って行きましたが、思った以上に暗くヘッドライトの明かりでは小さすぎでした。懐中電灯は必需品で助かりました。

  • Chanel Chanel

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike Climbing Mt. Batur was a highlight of my trip in Bali!

    Here's a detailed rundown for those curious:

    I stayed in Canggu and was picked up around 1:30-1:45am... the car reached 1000m mark of Mt. Batur around 3:30am. We started the hike for the remaining 700m around 4-4:10am and arrived at the top right before sunrise around 5:50am.

    Midway through the hike up we were given the option of going on the more crowded dirt path with motorcycles, or the quieter, slightly steeper scree path. My group chose the latter and I felt it was manageable and worth the climb to have less people around, but choose according to your fitness/comfort level. Coming back down we used the dirt path as it was less slippery and steep.

    Our guide, Made, was very knowledgeable and friendly, and also always made sure we were alright / if we were unsure where to step she would help point it out / asked if we needed breaks. Any questions we asked about the area, culture, history etc., she was able to address! Kudos to her.

    I carried too much water after reading some of the other reviews on here. Honestly I think 2x500ml bottles each person is more than enough, you'll get a drink when you reach the top anyway. Wear layers so you can keep adjusting your own comfort; the hike starts cold, gets warm, then becomes cold again. Sport shoes with good grip are sufficient. The team provided flashlights, make sure you get one from them. & keep your fingers crossed for good weather, we were so very lucky to see sun in a cloudy and rainy week (: Have fun!

  • Renda Renda

  • Lee Lee

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

    20% OFF Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike A good trekking route albeit foggy which prevented a good sunrise view. The temperature at the mountain peak is about 17°C and windy so be prepared with a jacket as you will spend at least an hour there.