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Inspirational Coastal Vistas and Breathtaking Heights

Tanesashi Coast and Mt. Hashikamidake Area—Tanesashi Coast, Kabushima Island, and Mt. Hashikamidake

On the Tanesashi Coast in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, enjoy coastal reefs, grass meadows, pine forests, seasonal flowers, and the popular singing sand beach that stretches for more than 2-kilometers.. Kabushima Island in Hachinohe City—a National Natural Monument of Japan—is a black-tailed gull nesting ground and a great place to observe their breeding up close. Gulls typically arrive in late March, lay eggs in April that hatch in June, and leave in August. Mt. Hashikamidake (Mt. Hashikami), in Sannohe District, Aomori Prefecture, offers excellent climbing with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from the summit. Rhododendron grows in the higher altitudes and the reddish-orange color stands out against the blue skies in early June.


Remarkable Natural Vistas and Inspiring Scenic Beauty

The RIkuchu Coast Area—Kitayamazaki Cliffs, Miracle Pine, and Goishi Coast

Kitayamazaki Cliffs—200-meter tall cliffs stretching over eight kilometers —offer dynamic views of the Rikuchu Coast. Kitayamazaki Visitor Center in Tanohata, Iwate Prefecture offers information on the natural surroundings and nature craft experiences. Miracle Pine in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, is the last of about 70,000 pines in Takata-Matsubara after the 2011 tsunami. The 25-meter-tall 200-year-old pine died from saltwater exposure, however experts restored it by inserting a metal skeleton into its trunk and adding synthetic branches and leaves. The Goishi Coast spans about six kilometers along the Pacific Ocean side of Japan. Named for its wave-polished stones that resemble those used in the game of Go, this nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument is located in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture.


A Natural Place for Reflection and Spiritual Rejuvenation

Minamisanriku and Kinkasan Area—Oshika Peninsula, Kinkasan, Shizugawa Bay and Kesennuma Oshima Island

The Oshika Peninsula features a deeply indented rias coastline and views of tiny islands that appear to float in the bay. This scene stretches all the way to the mouth of the Kitakami River. Kinkasan Island is a small island in the bay off Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, approximately one kilometer off the Oshika Peninsula. One of the three holiest places in Japan’s Tohoku region, Kinkasan is home to Koganeyama-jinja, which dates from the 8th century. Shizugawa Bay attracts fish and plants from both northern and southern Japan. It is also designated as a Ramsar Convention wetland, as it is an important wintering location for rare birds. Kesennuma Oshima Island in Kesennuma Bay, Miyagi Prefecture, is the largest populated island in the Tohoku region. Its highlights include Kodanohama Beach, one of Japan's 100 Best Beaches, Kugunari Beach, popularly known for its 'singing' sand, and Mt. Kameyama, offering panoramic views of the coast from its summit.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
8:40Shinkansen to Hachinohe StationLeave Tokyo Station on the 8:40 Shinkansen, reach Hachinohe Station at 11:26. Move on to Same Station by train, stop for lunch.
13:00Sea Kayaking to Kabushima IslandEnjoy views of the Tanesashi Coast, and visit Kabushima to get up-close to some of the 30,000 black-tailed gulls that nest there.
16:00Kabushima Shrine and Rest StationVisit the shrine where locals pray for safe fishing, then stop at Kabushima Rest Station to take a break and watch the gulls.
17:00Same Station to Tanesashi Kaigan StationTake a short train ride to Tanesashi Kaigan Station. Dine and stay nearby, ready to continue the adventure tomorrow.
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
7:30Yoga at Tanesashi Natural LawnWalk to Tanesashi Beach Information Center, enjoy Sea Breeze Yoga on the lawn, ocean views, and a healthy breakfast afterward.
10:00Trekking on the Michinoku Coastal TrailTake a walking tour on the Michinoku Coastal Trail, and have a fisherman's hotpot lunch with the locals of Hachinohe.
13:30Horse Ride Along the Tanesashi CoastEnjoy a relaxing horse ride with expansive sea views of the Tanesashi Coast and the rolling fields of the Tanesashi Natural Lawn.
Get ready for your next adventureRide the Hachinohe Line and Tohoku Shinkansen to Tokyo Station, ready for whatever destination awaits you next.
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