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Spiritual Enlightenment and Glorious Natural Splendor

Dewasanzan Area—The Three Mountains of Dewa and Midagahara

The Dewasanzan (Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Yudono) are located in Yamagata Prefecture. Important sites for ascetic hermits since the eighth century, the mountains became a popular pilgrimage route for spiritual rebirth in the Edo period (1603–1868). Today, many people visit Dawasanzan for mountain worship and culture as well as mountain climbing and summer skiing. Midagahara is a lava plateau on the north face of Mt. Gassan with marshes over the area. A very high-altitude wetland in Toyama Prefecture, the Midagahara Wetlands stretch over a gently sloping lava plateau 1,040–2,120 meters above sea level. Covered by snow half the year, Midagahara is a snow patch grassland. After the snowmelt in early summer, blooming flowers bath the marshes in color.


The Tohoku Alps and Forest Therapy

Asahi and Iide Mountain Ranges and Nukumidaira

The Asahi Mountain Range runs along the border between Yamagata and Niigata prefectures. Enjoy fantastic views of Sado Island from its highest peak (1,870 meters above sea level), Mt. O-Asahi, one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. The Iide Mountain Range spans Fukushima, Niigata, and Yamagata prefectures. At 2,105 meters above sea level, Mt. Iide (Iide Honzan) is the main peak of the Iide Mountain Range. Along with the Asahi Mountain Range, these mountains are known as the Tohoku Alps. Nukumidaira is a thin and long, gently sloping piece of land in the mountainous areas on the northeast side of the Iide Mountain Range. A 5.5 km footpath is maintained in a lush Japanese beech forest, and visitors can enjoy forest therapy programs.


Astounding Natural Beauty and Relaxing Onsen

Bandai-Azuma Area—Urabandai, Takayu Onsen and Tsuchiyu Onsen

Urabandai is a place of outstanding natural beauty in northern Fukushima Prefecture. Bandai Kogen (Bandai Highlands), the pond-dotted area north of Mt. Bandai, features many walking trails, including the picturesque ‘Goshikinuma’ Walk. The region’s volcanic activity has produced a number of onsen (Japanese hot springs) near the Azuma Mountain Range. Travellers and mountaineers alike enjoy Takayu Onsen and Tsuchiyu Onsen for rest and relaxation. Takayu Onsen is a small hot spring resort town halfway up the Azuma Mountains in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. Built near its source, the Arakawa River, at the foot of Mt. Azuma,Tsuchiyu Onsen is a hot spring resort approximately 16 kilometers west of Fukushima City.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
7:05Shinkansen to Fukushima StationLeave Tokyo Station on the 7:08 Shinkansen, reach Fukushima Station at 8:45. Move on to Bonsai Abe by bus.
10:00Bonsai Abe Garden TourVisit a third-generation bonsai artist at his garden, with a range of bonsai up to 90 years old, and learn how pine bonsai are raised.
13:00Have lunch and relax at Takayu OnsenVisit one of the best hot springs in Fukushima Prefecture, Takayu Onsen. Relax as you soak in the famous healing waters.
Stay overnight at the OnsenKeep enjoying the onsen atmosphere with an overnight stay at one of its many hotels. Relax and prepare for tomorrow's adventures.
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
9:15Depart Fukushima Station by Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen to Koriyama StationLeave Fukushima Station on the 9:16 Shinkansen, and arrive at Inawashiro Station via Koriyama at 10:24. Reach Lake Hibara by bus.
13:30Kayaking Tour of Lake SoharaEnjoy a tranquil kayaking tour on a lake with no motorized boats allowed, in a sunken forest area of Urabandai.
15:30Walk toward GoshikinumaVisit this cluster of vibrant pools and lakes — the name means 'five color ponds' — featured in the Michelin Green Guide.
Get ready for your next adventureDine and stay near Urabandai Visitor Centre, relax and plan your next steps. You may want to go to Aizuwakamatsu or Kitakata.
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