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Submerged Coastlines, Unspoiled Islands and Beaches

Uwakai Area and Kashima

The Uwakai Area is home to a submerged sawtooth-like beach with an outstanding coastline surrounded by a chain of islands. Filled with sea cliffs and caves, they offer an incredible view of the seascape. Thanks to its indented coastline, the area is ideal for pearl oyster cultivation and farming, and has been used as such for decades. Yellowtail and sea bream fish varieties have recently been produced here too. Trace the footsteps of the Date Clan at Kashima, who used the area as their hunting ground. Today, it’s an uninhabited island that is home to wild monkeys and deer. Snorkel or walk along the Coral Beach.


Precipitous Cliffs, Climatic Caves and Striking Rock Terraces

Ashizuri Area—Cape Ashizuri and Tatsukushi Beach

Ashizuri area's striking beauty is characterized by its granite cliffs and rock terraces dating back from the Mesozoic and Tertiary eras that created a unique seashore landscape. At Cape Ashizuri sits one of Japan’s largest lighthouses. You can walk along the tunnel of camellia flowers, visit Hakusan Cave Mouth, and Kameyobiba (Turtle Summoning Place), one of the seven wonders of the Cape. Relax at Tatsukushi Beach and admire the deep-blue water and incredible landscape filled with soft sandstone and oddly-shaped rock formations such as the Otake-Kotake, Shiborimaku, and Senjojiki. Be fascinated as you look at the traces of extinct plants and animals that once existed in the area.


An Area of Breathtaking Landscapes and Spiritual Power

Inner Area—Nametoko Gorge and Mt. Sasayama

Explore the Nametoko Gorge, renowned for its smooth riverbed and unusually shaped rocks. Follow the trail that leads you along the mountain stream until the sight of Yukiwanotaki astounds you. The waterfall boasts an impressive 80-meter vertical drop and is considered as one of Japan’s finest waterfalls. Enjoy the beautiful landscape filled with rivers, deep pools, and maple trees — a view that is especially stunning in autumn. Mt. Sasayama has been regarded by locals as a spiritual destination. It extends over Kochi and Ehime Prefectures and is noted for its beautiful flowers that bloom vigorously over the flowering season.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
7:25Fly to Matsuyama AirportLeave Haneda Airport at 7:25, land at Matsuyama Airport at 9:05, then move to Uwajima Station via Iyo-Ōzu Station by bus and train.
12:00Lunch near Uwajima StationStop for a tasty lunch near Uwajima Station.
13:30Pearl Farming ActivityMove to Doi Pearl by taxi, to observe and learn about traditional Japanese pearl culturing and farming.
15:30Explore UwajimaHead back to Uwajima, and explore Uwajima Castle and Nanrakuen Japanese garden. Try local specialty Uwajima tai-meshi for dinner.
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
9:50Head to Matsumaru StationTake a taxi from Uwajima Station to Matsumaru Station.
10:30Canyoning in Nametoko ValleyEnjoy a full day of thrilling adventure, and abandon yourself to the river’s power in the stunningly beautiful Nametoko Gorge.
Get ready for your next adventureReturn to Uwajima and rest up for your next steps. Maybe next you'll visit the Tatsukushi Coast to enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour?
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