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Home of Myths, Whirlpools and Astounding Views

Awaji and Bisan-Seto Area

Enjoy the fascinating sight of whirling currents and whirlpools from the Naruto Strait. Characterized by the strait’s unique underwater geography, the currents can be observed during high and low tide with varying sizes. Explore Awaji Island, which according to Japanese mythology, is the birthplace of Japan. Trace the gods' footsteps and learn about the various myths and legends. Taste the delicious food here as the island has been offering ingredients to the Imperial Court for years. At Narugashima Island, see the spectacular 2.5-kilometer-long sandbank that stretches from North to South. Get astounding views of the Shiwaku Islands from Mt. Washu. See the Seto Ohashi Bridge that connects Okayama and Kagawa Prefectures. Finally, watch the sunset from the mountain, chosen as one of the 100 Best Sunsets in Japan.


Scenic Islands, Incredible Coastlines and Quaint Towns

Geiyo Islands and Hiroshima Bay Area

Visit Miyajima Island, one of Japan’s three most scenic places, and admire the towering torii gate at Itsukushima Shrine, a designated World Cultural Heritage site. Venture to Mt. Misen and its primeval forests filled with abundant nature. Shimanami Kaido road which is about 70 kilometers long, connects Honshu, Japan’s main island, to Shikoku. A popular way to explore the road is by car and bicycle where you can admire the scenic landscape. You can also enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Japan at Tomonoura Bay, one of the most important port towns during the Edo period. Feel the nostalgic atmosphere at Onomichi, a quaint town and the birthplace of many famous Japanese authors and directors as you stroll along the streets that are home to traditional merchant houses.


Intertwining Port Cities, Shrines and Tunnels

The Kanmon Strait and Kunisaki Peninsula

Cruise along the Kanmon Strait, a 700-meter-wide channel that has long been an important area for maritime transportation. The strait connects the Sea of Japan and the Inland Sea while ferries connect the port cities of Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu. Cross the border from Yamaguchi Prefecture to Fukuoka Prefecture on foot using the 780-meter-long Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel, located on the seabed of the Kanmon Straits. Explore Kunisaki Peninsula and discover its unique Buddhist culture — Rokugo Manzan, a mix of Buddhist, Shinto, and mountain worship with roots around the peninsula’s temples and shrines, notably Usa Shrine, dedicated to Hachiman, the god of war. At Daifudo Cave, retrace the footsteps of monks in a place that was formerly their training ground when they were on the road.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
7:35Fly to Takamatsu AirportLeave Haneda Airport at 7:35, land at Takamatsu Airport around 8:50, then move to Takamatsu Port by bus.
10:25Setouchi Islands Art Tour: TeshimaTake a high-speed ferry to Teshima, arriving at Iura Port at 11:35 for a guided tour to discover the art of the island.
11:35Enjoy Teshima sightseeingTour Teshima Art Museum, Teshima Yokoo House, Les Archives des Cœur, and Sora no Ryushi. Have lunch at Shima Kitchen.
15:10Return to Takamatsu PortTake the return ferry back to Takamatsu Port with your guide, ending the tour there at 16:00.
18:00Dinner and stay near Takamatsu StationSpend the night near Takamatsu Station. For dinner, the local specialty Sanuki udon is a must!
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
9:40Setouchi Islands Art Tour: Megi & OgiFor more art-island tourism, take the ferry to Megi Island for your morning tour, before heading to Ogi Island in the afternoon.
10:20Megi Island Art TourWith your guide, browse outdoor artworks such as Seagulls Parking Lot and Terrace Winds, then enjoy lunch at Kisyun.
12:40Ogi Island Art TourOn Ogi Island you'll discover Toyotamahime Shrine, Ogjima Soul, Walking Art, Dreaming of Blue, and Wallalley.
15:40Get ready for your next adventureReturn to Takamatsu Port, then ready yourself for the next steps. Will you fly onward, or continue island hopping for another day?
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