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Impressive Mountains, Relaxing Onsen Villages

Myoko Area

Explore the Myoko Area and discover the majestic sight of its active volcanoes, Mt. Myoko and Mt. Yakeyama. Mt. Myoko, a double volcano standing at 2,454 meters, boasts a grand peak, Lake Imori, and flowering water plants. Climb Mt. Hiuchi, home to Koyaike and admire its vast high moors and changing vegetation throughout Japan’s four seasons. At this earthly paradise which the mountain is often called, you’ll encounter the Koyaike Pond, beautiful marshlands and the rock ptarmigan, a bird designated as a Natural Monument. Relax at the Myoko Kogen Ski Resort, famed for its nine ski mountain resorts and abundant snow. The resort offers various winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Soak in the hot spring at the Kogen Onsen Village after a day in the area’s deep snow.


A Place of Fascinating Legends and Alluring Nature

Kurohime, Togakushi and Iizuna Area

Visit the legendary Amano-Iwato gods and the guardian god of Togakushi, enshrined at the Togakushi Shrine. Marvel at the commanding sight of 400-year-old Japanese cedar trees welcoming you to the shrine. Home to various legends, ninjas, and Shugendo, you can discover history, nature, and culture here. Together with Mt. Iizuna, Mt. Togakushi has been a place of mountain worship since ancient times. Mt. Iizuna is recommended for beginner mountaineers while Mt. Togakushi is best suited for experts. Lake Nojiri is famed for its placid waters and fossil remains of the Naumann Elephant. This volcanic lake is a destination for fishing and water sports. Enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and its neighboring mountains, Mt. Kurohime and Mt. Myoko.

2 DAY TRIP / 1st day
7:20Shinkansen to Kurohime StationLeave Tokyo Station on the 7:24 Shinkansen, change at Nagano Station and arrive at Kurohime Station at 9:57.
10:15Cycling Tour Around Lake NojiriRide from Kurohime Station, visiting Lake Nojiri, Nojiriko Naumann Elephant Museum, Naena Falls, and a Shinshu uhihamono smithy.
16:00Forest Therapy RetreatCheck in to your lodgings in Shinano Town's Healing Forest, for an overnight program of holistic relaxation.
17:00Orientation with a medical trainerA briefing on the available forest therapy activities, followed by dinner at your lodgings.
2 DAY TRIP / 2nd day
9:00Forest Therapy ExperienceAfter breakfast, head into the woods for 'forest bathing', including seven healing activities to rejuvenate mind and body.
13:00Stand-Up Paddleboarding on Lake NojiriCruise across Lake Nojiri, learn new SUP skills, and enjoy the beautiful scenery from your vantage point standing atop the board.
Get ready for your next adventureRide the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Tokyo Station, ready for whatever adventure awaits you next.
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