Katie & Rick

Katie & Rick

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A brother and sister duo, we moved to the Philippines in 2009 to build a traditional Filipino bangka boat. Constructed completely from scratch (we went out to the jungle and picked out 3 trees sanctioned by the department for Natural Resources!) with a team of 4 local carpenters, 1 head boat builder and 2 power tools (1 chain saw and 1 electric sander) along with the help and support of a whole community, we launched into sea within 10 months.

We spent the next 6 months cruising the coastline through The Philippines to Borneo, over to Malaysia, Singapore, Java and finally to Gili Trawangan where we have made our home.

Having lived and travelled by boat over the last few years, we can both safely say that there is no better way to travel! Waking up in the morning and diving off the boat, swimming over what feels like your own private reef, sleeping out on deck under the stars, meeting locals who very rarely (if ever) see travellers, buying fish off local fishermen and discovering lagoons and waterfalls. An experience as unmatchable as it is unforgettable for anyone with a love of the sea and a sense of adventure, this is what we base our trips on!


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