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Hi, I am Umi coza and I've been dedicated to offering guests a safe and amazing sea experience for the past 29 years.
Ishigaki island is world renowned for being a treasure trove of beautiful coral reefs and for being home to manta rays and other rare sea creatures.
With years of experience, I can guarantee that my team and I will be able to bring you to only the best diving spots and provide excellant guiding services.
Come discover the wonders of the ocean. Come dive with us!




  • Sheree Sheree

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island Our snorkeling guide was Mika, she was very friendly and helpful. The Umicoza team stayed in communication with us from the day we booked our tour. They picked us up from the hotel and also drove us back at the end of the day. We went snorkeling at 2 different points of a coral garden, and saw so many beautiful fish. It was a great experience for my first time snorkeling. After the tour, they served us a really delicious lunch.

  • Zelia Zelia

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island All the staffs are great and helpful. We had a precious day with them and we really have to have a diving lesson after we joined snorkeling. Really highly recommend.

  • Sizhou Sizhou

    Try an Introduction Diving Course! - in Ishigaki Island

    Try an Introduction Diving Course! - in Ishigaki Island this was our first ever dive and we had a really great time. the host was friendly and cheerful and explained everything we needed to know. her english was fluent and easy to understand. the beautiful landscape at the bottom of the ocean was just mesmerizing and we saw plenty of colorful fish. During snorckeling we got lucky and encountered a manta ray. definitively got hooked on diving and will try again :)

  • Wan Lin Wan Lin

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island Overall experience: Superb - would totally do this again! Had a wonderful time - I'm both a first time snorkeler and not a really strong swimmer - and the team really did their best to try and make me feel water-confident. Everyone on the team was patient and friendly, and it was reassuring to see that there were also 'regular' Japanese divers who clearly have been with Umicoza for a while. The entire team was fluent in English, so there were no worries around communication etc.

    Initial contact: Miki was really responsive, detailed and friendly - clarifications were timely and reassuring. All correspondence was conducted through Voyagin only.

    Pick up and pre-excursion: We were informed of the timing for the pick up one day before our trip at about 3pm. Not a lot of time to plan in advance for excursion day but the Umicoza team really followed timings in the listing. Would have been great if we could have had a little more detail in terms of what was on the boat and hence determine what we should/shouldn't bring but it was all good. Pick up was on time at about 8am at the hotel (my party was the second of the day), and after about a 20min drive, we'd arrived at the shop to suit up and grab face masks (Im myopic and they kindly provided a mask with -5.00 degree at no extra cost!) for snorkeling. There were open baskets to put general belongings and valuables were kept in the shop office - recommendation was to NOT bring anything along that couldn't get wet as there was nowhere 'dry' to store items on the boat. Shop came with about 3 basic showers and a bathroom, quite neat and clean.

    Excursion: After changing and sorting out carry-ons, we made our way to the beach proper in our wet suits. This was about a 10min drive, followed by a short walk to the boat along the beach and we were off. There were a total of 3 staff to our 5 divers and 4 snorkelers, with some tea and hot water provided on the boat. For the snorkel portion we were given a basic briefing (basic how tos on breathing, safety etc) as we started at a shallower coral area. Instructions were provided by our excellent English speaking guide who helped point out all the crabs, fishes, sea snakes etc and allowed us to discover the marine life in a safe manner.

    After about 40min in the water, we moved on to point 2 (slightly deeper, called Manta Point?) to try and see manta rays - unfortunately we didn't manage to see any on that day. It was still a good experience, though point 2 felt rather short (maybe only 30min?) due to changing weather conditions.

    Post-excursion: Headed back to the landing site, and then it was another quick drive back to the shop to change out and unpack. A delicious lunch was waiting for us, and we were encouraged to have lunch in the nearby garden if we were keen too. After that, the staff was really kind to drop us back at the hotel.

    Final comments: Umicoza has a Facebook page thats easy to find, and they've wonderful photos that are pretty reflective of the amazing marine life in the water. They do conduct both diving and snorkel, so there are options depending on what you'd like to do. I signed up for the full day session and was glad I did so - a half day would have barely been enough! Personally the team was what really made the difference, and I strongly recommend them to all! :)

  • Chi Chi Chi Chi

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island

    Go Snorkeling with Emerald Ocean! - in Ishigaki Island A great company in Ishigaki if you want to go snorkling or diving. The staff are all very professional and attentive - about one staff person will accompany one or two beginner divers/snorklers so you are well looked after. They also provided a great lunch afterwards! Thank you for a great experience and would highly recommend!