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A True Bali Experience is Bali’s leading Balinese Owned Adventure Company. An exciting and dynamic family business, True Bali Experience was established in 1995 to provide locally owned and operated soft adventures with the highest international standards of safety, training and conservation.

In 2004, working with the Government in aid of elephant conservation, Bali Elephant Camp was established to help care for and promote the plight of Sumatran elephants who along with their ‘mahouts’ (careers) have become ambassadors for their brothers and sisters in Sumatra. Come and ride one today – our friends in conservation say we have some of the healthiest, happiest elephants they’ve ever seen!


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  • Satya Satya

    Tour the Pod Chocolate Factory and Learn to Make Chocolate

    Tour the Pod Chocolate Factory and Learn to Make Chocolate We were expecting to see more inside the chocolate factory, as opposed to being just shown a few machines outside the shop. Our experience was over within 1h (as opposed to 2 hours). We drove there ourselves on our bikes, which was fun since the route went through a nice forested path and the weather was perfect.

    We were allowed to try lots of chocolate, which was nice. They have some very unique flavours like ginger & lemongrass -- perfect for buying as souvenirs. Considering how short the experience is, the price is quite high. The chocolate making was fun and would be awesome for little kids. The restaurant is quite average - but has a nice view of baby elephants and bears.

  • Nour Nour

    Elephant Trek + Rafting / Cycling / Trekking / Horse Riding

    Elephant Trek + Rafting / Cycling / Trekking / Horse Riding Our driver picked us up late (10am, it was supposed to be at 8:30) however, the experience was great ! We were given welcome drinks before starting our trek.
    The tour on the elephant was very nice, and we were surprised to see that the elephant could actually play harmonica ! It was really funny. The agency offered us a free photo to apologize for the late picking up. Then we went to the chocolate factory where we could taste many kinds of chocolate (like Chili chocolate.. I will never forget that hahah !) we loved it ! Then they took us to the rafting place, and what a place ! It looked like a decor of Tarzan. The river was right into the forest and it was really great, wherever you raise your head you only see green trees, waterfalls, rocks etc... it was a VERY beautiful view! our rafting guide was very nice, we had a lot of a fun rafting over the river. However it was quiet easy, I was expecting it to be rougher ! We could stop at some places to take pictures and even swim under a waterfall. Then we had our lunch: a very nice buffet with a view over the forest. Overall it was a great experience, even though it was quiet expensive !

  • Rebecca Rebecca

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp Excellent experience from start to finish. Our manhout was excellent and the food was good. We really enjoyed our ride on harminca playing Rio and enjoyed having are photo next to him and we were really impressed that we weren't rushed either. We were really glad to see the elephants were really well looked after. We would love to go back to bali elephant camp

  • Deb Deb

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp I highly recommend this event, especially for the children. Jessica (our elephant) was extremely gentle. The camp does ensure the elephants are cooled off at the end of each walk. We had an opportunity to feed Jessica at the end of the tour, I would definitely do this! Althought she is a large lady she was very gentle in taking her food from us.

  • Brendan Brendan

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp

    Elephant Trekking @ Bali Elephant Camp Thank you very much for this enjoyable experience.Everything was as expected and organised in a very good way.We got collected on time and everything from there on was perfect.The host were very friendly and helpful.The elephant ride was very nice and relaxing.The man taking us was very helpful and will to answer any questions we had.After ride we got chance to feed the elephant and take photos.The dinner was super and tasty.We also had quick visit to the chocolate factory and made sure to take home some of their yummy chocolates