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私の名前はディカで、パヤンガンに生まれまれそこは有名な木彫りの村であり、14歳から木製彫刻始めました。私は農家の家庭の育ちで、頻繁にやってくる私のいとこプトゥの近くにいて、2003年にサヌールに引っ越すまで、バナナ、唐辛子、ドリアン、ココア、クローブ、バニラからお米まで、様々なものを植えていました。私は、木彫、造園、建築情熱を注いていましたし、私の家の周りやサヌールビーチへ私の息子のカデックと一緒に遊ぶことや泳ぐことが大好きです。私は食べる事が大好きなので、形状を保つために、毎朝ジョギング をしてそのあとはゆっくりしています。(バリの伝統!)私は10年間ツアーガイドをしていましたので、全世界から来る人との出会いのが大好きです。この仕事の好きな​​ことの一つにお客さんを私の故郷に連れて行き、私が育った場所や、私の大好きな場所を案内し供する事ができる事です。




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  • Laura Laura

    Wood Carving with a Professional

    Wood Carving with a Professional Me and my husband have just done the wood carving today with Made and we throughly enjoyed our experience from start to finish! Made was very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble! we learnt the skills required to make our own wood carvings and soon realised how hard this is and what skill is required in doing this! But we have it ago! Would defiantly recommend!

  • Bronwyn Bronwyn

    Try Your Hand at Balinese Fruit Carving!

    Try Your Hand at Balinese Fruit Carving! Our host picked us up from our hotel and took us to his home close by. It was very lovely and he and his wife hosted us with coffee, tea and lunch while we learnt carving. First we learnt frangipani carving on carrot and then moved onto watermelon roses. It was really engaging and the time passed very quickly. It is a wonderful thing to share with friends or older children. Highly recommended!

  • Philip Philip

    Cook and Eat Delicious Lunch in a Balinese House

    Cook and Eat Delicious Lunch in a Balinese House Made is an amazing guy with a beautiful family. Thoroughly enjoyed the Balinese lunch!!!

    -Phil Burkart

  • Lilly Lilly

    Create your own Bali Experience!

    Create your own Bali Experience! Our drive was Dika, he was an awesome dude. Took us to the holy water temple and other amazing place we would of otherwise not known or had a chance to see. It is a really good idea to have a guide to take you to these places because they can help with language barrier, buying tickets and informing you of important rules and customs before entering.
    He also recommend and took us to a massive hand making jewellery factory (which I can't remember the name of now unfortunately) that was super cool. Dika then took us to a buffet lunch on the lake looking out over the volcano. Was very beautiful, and again someone we probably wouldn't or known about or had the opportunity to see if we didn't have such a fabulous guide.
    Anything you want to see/know about, name it and Dika will take you there! He also does amazing fruit and wood carving. He made me a very special wind chime :D
    Thank you so much Dika!! Lots of love, Lilli and Alex

  • Long Long

    Wood Carving with a Professional

    Wood Carving with a Professional It was a fun experience and Made - our teacher has a very happy family.

    But the wood carving workshop is in a very uncomfortable position, like very uncomfortable. Im asian so sitting down and close legs are quite familiar to me - but it still give me pain afterward, my european friend is completely need a back massage in the end.

    It was fun, but it can be better with more preparation, a table, a chair, something to keep the wood still when you carve, more sample of style (we have only 2 options), light?

    The instruction was not very clear as well...