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At Ginza Yanagi Gallery, our goal is to foster artists who will lead the art scene in Japan. We have engaged in art before the war in Japan, and brought up many artists. The owner of our Gallery is the third successor of Osaka Umeda Gallery. Following in my grandfather and father’s footsteps, together with the help of you, I hope to cheer and nurture Japanese artists that will bode well across the world. The city of Ginza is a charming city that has both traditional and the newest things. So through FindJPN, I will introduce you to a Gallery in Ginza, along with the city’s charm.




  • Candice Candice

    Find your favorite Art Gallery in Ginza

    Find your favorite Art Gallery in Ginza Didn't get confirmation of a meeting location, so was unable to do the tour.

  • Paola Paola

    Find your favorite Art Gallery in Ginza

    Find your favorite Art Gallery in Ginza Our tour guide Yoko selected a range of galleries to visit that cover a variety of different styles. One of my favorites was the Shukado gallery. In contrast to the other galleries, where the paintings are hanging on the walls, here we were treated to examine some fine Ukiyoe prints carefully extracted from storage. The gallery assistant explained that collectors have to keep the wood block prints away from light to prevent them fading. There were some Views of Mt Fuji from the famous artist Utagawa Hiroshige, and other prints including one with a giant spider which was very striking.

    At another gallery the walls were filled with the works of André Cottavoz. Now there's an artist that really laid it on with a trowel. I casually enquired about the price of the one of the, almost three-dimensional, works of art: it was 2.7million Yen.

    Our guide was friendly and enthusiastic. If you were a tourist visiting Tokyo with limited time and a very keen interest in purchasing art, I think she would be helpful in locating galleries and talking with the staff.