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My name is Yoshikazu. I am a licensed tour guide in English. Please call me “Yoshi”.

I am 65 years old and finished my work for a foreign bank last spring. I lived in London and Luxembourg for a leading Japanese bank for about 9 years in total and I and my family traveled around UK, Luxembourg (I communicated sometimes in German) and other countries where we received hospitality and good advices from the local people. Today there are many foreign people coming to Japan for their sightseeing. Maybe about 30 million people this year.

Now it is my turn to return something to them, namely Japanese "Omotenashi" hospitality and useful information, as a tour guide. You can find various information about Japan on websites, books etc. But it is not easy to get satisfactory answers for your good and special questions about sightseeing spots and your personal interests. My hobbies and weekend activities are as follows and these may help you create your own stay in Japan:

1. Amateur radio: 50 year experience. I also have British and American licenses besides Japanese.
2. Butterfly collection: Started butterfly collection when about 6 years of age. I am therefore fond of going to hills and mountains for butterflies. Now it is extended to a new interest of “Insect cuisine” after UN FAO announced that insects may help people suffering from starvation in 2013.
3. Ramen noodle: I visit various Ramen shops, such as very hot and spicy, served with puffer blow fish meat, Halal Ramen. For Halal I worked for an Indonesian state-run bank for over 10 years in Tokyo and I understand Muslim people’s activities and customs.
4. Travel by train: Japanese railway trains are running precisely on time, very clean, high-speed running without sway except for bad situations of congestion and cost. But this can be overcome by good advices from travel agents and tour guides.




  • Kenny Kenny

    Discover Akihabara as an Otaku (Anime and Manga Fan)

    Discover Akihabara as an Otaku (Anime and Manga Fan) Was given Kumi as a guide. She was not that engaging, but did take me to some places of interest. Overall, she did not talk much unless I directly had something to ask or say to her. Thought this was a very slow-paced and disengaging tour out of all the ones I have had on voyagin.

  • Minh Minh

    Shop at Tsukiji & Learn to Cook Japanese Tempura

    Shop at Tsukiji & Learn to Cook Japanese Tempura My partner and I did this tour while we were in Tokyo. It was great to go through the fish markets with Yoshi-san, who has a wealth of knowledge. He was able to show us the best shops to buy our food from and explain a bit about the history of the markets and its surroundings as well. Cooking the tempura was a lot of fun and tasted amazing!

    For those wanting to check out the inside wholesalers fish markets, I would recommend booking the tour after 10am, as that is when it opens. I think the outside market is much more exciting but it is also interesting to see the other side as well.

    This tour is great value if you are a group of 4! Highly recommended!!