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  • Ezekiel Ezekiel

    Experience traditional Tsumami-zaiku craft making in Kyoto

    Experience traditional Tsumami-zaiku craft making in Kyoto A great class to get introduced to the basics of Tsumami Zaiku-making! It was easy to find the location even on Google Maps. It felt like it was a completely Japanese experience that was offered. Tatamis were laid out throughout the "classroom" and we got to make the Tsumami-zaiku accessories seated on cushions by a low table. It was such an experience :) Even right from the beginning, from the moment you step into the "classroom", you had to remove your shoes (which is so foreign yet so fascinating!).

    To top it off, our instructors are so friendly, approachable and hospitable. We were offered drinks that helped ease us in, something we didn't expect. More importantly, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is also very helpful that the instructors speak some English! There were examples of accessories already done, so it was easy to pick a design too.

    Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this activity if you're in Kyoto and you're interested in handicrafts.