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My name is Arai Ryuou. I’m third generation successor of Japanese traditional dance (Kenshibu) and song (Gin-ei) school which is established my great grandmother. I started Gin-ei and Kenshibu at the age of two. I made my stage debut at the age of three on the Japanese Theater.

Since two years old I have practiced these Japanese traditional entertainments almost every day. Finally I have acquired the instructor license. Now as the third-generation successor of the Kinou School, I try to make these Japanese traditional entertainments popular among young people. I performed and lectured of Japanese traditional dance and song on Oxford University in November 2014.

Perform classical Japanese dances and singing (Gin'ei, Ken'bu, and Shibu) with a brief running narrative explaining the significance of the moves and the incantation. Come see for yourself the ambience produced by the stylistic movements, together with the unique costume/objects used in the performance, including "hakama," a skirt-like pair of pants used to be worn by upper-class people, dancing fan, Japanese sword―all pointing to a classical setting. Gin-ei, or Shigin, is a form of Chinese or Japanese poetry chanted. Kenbu is a sword dance performed to the accompaniment of Gin'ei. Shibu is a fan dance accompanied by Gin-ei singing.

Hoping that you would feel unique atmosphere and behavior of Japanese traditional entertainments. Come and see my performance in addition to that, Hakama, Sensu, and Nihon-tou that you can’t usually see.