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"Pole Pole" is a company that offers, sports, trekking, and cultural programs, specifically designed for foreign country sightseers visiting the Tohoku region. It’s not limited to typical tourism spots. There are programs available for people who want to travel through and experience Japanese culture and nature.

Our policy is safety. We are professionally certified mountain guides, and we understand that most customers don’t have these qualifications. With this is mind, we believe that it is our duty to accompany customers safely, regardless of the activity. In order to protect our customers and the quality of our program, we offer programs for limited number groups. Groups of 2 to 10 members are normal, but at the most there have been groups of up to 20 members.

All of the Pole Pole culture programs are rooted in the livelihoods of the local people. In order to communicate daily life and work based on the Japanese culture and history of the region, we accompany our customers to places that are not generally considered tourist areas.