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I am interested in Japanese POP culture, especially I love the "Visual-Kei" so much!




  • Carey Carey

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour This tour was great! Gamme was very friendly and accommodating. She took me to areas in Akihabara that I never would have found had it not been for her; we weaved the crazy, overflowing tables of electronics looking for an adapter for me, we rode the elevator up high to a Rabbit Café and searched the streets for the perfect Maid Café. I had another tour that day and Gamme let me use her personal wifi, and helped me find my second tour guide. She was wonderful! I had an amazing time and it was a wonderful introduction to Japan and the Otaku culture. I highly recommend this tour and any others where Gamme is the host.

  • Tom Tom

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour What a fun, wacky, crazy tour. I'm so glad I did it.

    Daiki is a fantastic tour guide. I had a few days to kill in Tokyo after giving a seminar, and I was looking for something interesting to do. I speak Japanese, and I had been to Akihabara before. However, the tour I did with Daiki showed me a side of Akihabara that tourists JUST DON'T SEE....EVER.

    The tour you take has things that most Japanese people don't see...I went out to eat with Japanese friends a few times after the tour, and they all thought the things I saw and did were incredibly funny (and incredibly interesting).

    So what do you see/experience on the tour? I think Daiki changes it up each time, but in the three hours we spent together, we:

    - went to a Maid cafe and had a couple drinks. We watched the unique cultural phenomenon that is the Maid Cafe (which are all over Japan, but are especially numerous in "Akiba." We watched men pay to shoot photos of the maids, and other interesting things.
    - went to various stores - weapons, Cosplay outfits, manga, figurines, junk - all the while getting the history and story of each...and why they are popular
    - the USAGI(rabbit) cafe - a totally weird and interesting phenomenom (everyone I mentioned this to in Japan knew about this, and they all though it was HILARIOUS). I won't say much more, but you should check it out. Be sure to see the BLACK HOLE. Seriously.
    - a tour of YODOBASHI AKIBA, the premier electronic shop in Akihabara
    - and other cool, fun stuff.

    Daiki is a cool, young Japanese guy, who speaks good English (he studied in Ireland). He is a real (self-proclaimed) OTAKU (geek) who loves Akihabara and knows it inside and out. He knows the history too. Sure, you could walk around yourself, but you won't see the things he takes you to. Many of the places we went to were in the basement or high up in a building - the kinds of places you just don't walk into. And it was just him and I - we weren't acting all touristy either (well, maybe I was)...

    This was one of the best deals that I encountered in Japan. For the cost a nice dinner, I got to spend a few hours with a good guy giving me an experience I won't forget.

  • Akane Akane

    A Deep Akihabara Tour

    A Deep Akihabara Tour We visited small "Akihabara-only" shops that we'd never find in guide books! Talking with actual lolitas, girls in baby fashion was the highlight of this tour! This experience helped me get a better feeling and understanding of Japanese pop culture! So fun!