• 日本語 (Beginner)

Hello~My name is Yuichiro.
I have been in Ningyo-cho for 7 years so far.
This area is the old part of Tokyo and it is influenced by the famous TV drama called ‘Shinsansya’. I have seen the dynamic change of this town. Recently, the population of this area in growing.
I am a member of shopping centre cooperative of Ningyo-cho trying to conserving the old good atmosphere there. I am kind of like a bridge to people who live there for long time and who come recently.
I love this town at night time so much that he has lots of his favorite restaurants and bars.
I give my business partner great time in Ningyo-cho as I think heart is so important.
Ningyo-cho is not a famous tourist place but this town has the atmosphere of the good old days of Tokyo and also it is a local place where people live. It is definitely unique place where local residents: 40 percent, commuter: 40 percent, tourists: 20 percent.
I am going to introduce this town deeply to let you feel the heart of Ningyo-cho."