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View some live action at the Sumo Stable in Tokyo, where you can get a close-up view of Sumo training! Get an exclusive photo opportunity with Japan's sumo wrestlers after their training!

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  • See sumo stars close up, much closer than at tournaments
  • Learn about the historical roots of Sumo
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Sumo rituals
  • Guidance to and from the stable
  • Exclusive photo opportunity with the sumo wrestlers after the training

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The time listed on your booking confirmation email is your preferred time. Please check the follow-up emails from your guide for the exact meeting time. The meeting point is at the nearest train station. The exact location depends on the booking date and tournament location. Hotel pickup is not provided.


Sumo stables are NOT a place for sightseeing. It is opened especially for sumo fans. As visitors, you have to show your respect for the stable master and wrestlers doing hard training. Please watch quietly and do not move around inside the stable.

Note that sometimes it's not possible to confirm exactly which stable is best for viewing until the previous day, so please check the emails from your guide right up until the tour commences.

Other Important Notes:
- The tour starting time can range between 7:30-9:30 am.
- The sumo stable may be located in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba, or Ibaraki. The location is dependent on the sumo wrestlers' schedule.
- The meeting point will be at the station nearest to the scheduled stable. The meeting time and meeting point depend on the sumo wrestlers' training schedule, which can only be confirmed when the date is close, since the wrestlers may change their training schedule according to their needs.
- Children under the age of 12 and elderly people over the age of 60 will not be admitted inside the sumo stable.
- The sumo stable has the right to refuse access to guests who are unable to observe the house manners, and anyone asked to leave the stable will not be able to re-enter
- During busy periods this may be a large group tour (1-4 groups).
- For large bookings, your group may be separated into 2 different stables.
- It is very rare but in the case that the sumo wrestlers are unwell and other unforeseen circumstances, the practice and tour may be shortened.
- There are no restrooms available at the sumo stable.
- For the photo opportunity with the sumo wrestlers, you must stay for the entire duration of the practice. Photographs with the wrestlers will only be allowed after the entire practice finishes.
- For next day tours, please book no later than 12:00 pm (Japan time) on the previous day.



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  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Hi! I'm Yasuhiro and I will introduce you to the unique world of sumo in Tokyo!
Please join me and my sumo wrestler friends in Asakusa!
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レビュー (162)

  • Shigeru Shigeru

    Amazing, unique experience in Tokyo!!

    Totally amazing!!
    It's a real unique and exclusive experience to watch professional sumo wrestlers real close in action. Feel so grateful after watching by knowing how hard they trained and their disciplines.
    Having an opportunity to take a picture with sumo wrestlers was so special, too :-)
    This is a must-do in Tokyo. I highly recommend!

  • Christopher Christopher

    Good Time, But Expensive

    The overall experience was good! The practice was really cool and exciting to watch. We met our guide at the train station then had to take a 15 min cab ride (which voyagin paid for) however on our way back we were forced to pay our own way or walk . We booked this event for just 2 of us and we paid almost $360 canadian. However we weren't the only people in our group there were another 5 that joined. I understand that the pricing drops the more people in your group, and that makes sense to pay for the guide, but when there are other added, I feel our rate should drop as well. Overall it was a fun time, just not really worth $180/person, especially when we had to pay another 20$ to get home.

  • Sonal Sonal

    Must see!!

    This is a must do in Japan!! The tour guide Yeonmi was very helpful and informational. The training session itself can be a bit boring as it lasts for 2 hours - you can get great pictures and videos. The sumos are happy to pose with you at the end. All in all an awesome cultural experience!! Five stars!!

  • Agnes Agnes

    Great experience

    Thank you, Yeonmi, for being our guide this morning, and thank you for the additional background information provided at the end of the practice.

  • Guillem Guillem


    Really impressive. A must do.

  • Robert Robert

    Sumo's in training

    It was quite a privilege being able to watch the youn Sumos training. I took my two teenage sons to watch with me and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Having said that both have trained in Kyokushin for many Years an are able to sit on tatami mats for two hours straight, this maybe uncomfortable for some

  • Dion Dion

    Unique experience

    If you are a martial artist you will enjoy watching sumo train. It was a honour to watch them train.

  • Jose Jose

    Great Experience

    Our experience was amazing, it was perfect. Witness the big warriors training and fighting was definitely a great experience in Tokyo. Don't miss this.

  • gilad gilad

    Sumo stables

    Very interesting experience. Not easy to photo since you are not allowed to move or make noise.Gilad

  • Joan Joan


    Very good experience. I wish they had disclosed beforehand that there are fewer sumo wrestlers around in the summer. The video showed about 14 wrestlers, our session had three and only lasted about an hour. Still a good experience.

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