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  • 数百種類の海産物が並ぶ場内市場の仲卸エリアの見学
  • 世界一食べるのが難しい人気の寿司屋がある魚河岸横丁の散策
  • 絶景ポイントからの場内市場展望
  • 場外市場の買い物必勝法講義
  • お勧めランチ処へのご案内

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都営大江戸線 築地市場駅





ホストについて :
Tsukiji King
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)


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レビュー (76)

  • Yukari Yukari





  • Reed Reed

    Best way to see the market

    Atsushi was a wonderful guide. He showed through the inner and outer markets, and we saw MUCH more than we would have without a guide. He knows his way through the market as well as the history. Certainly the best way to see Tsukiji market.

  • Caitlin Caitlin


    Many of our friends told us not to bother with a guide for the Tsukiji fish market because it was so easy to find and wander yourself, but I would have to disagree. We went to the market with our friends before the tour and accidentally walked past the main gate. On our tour I was able to ask our guide a dozen times what strange and new things I was looking at. We also saved time by effeciently visiting key areas of the market and learning the history and cultural significance. The wealth of knowledge was fantastic, and I was able to buy plenty of snacks I now love and unfortunately, won't be able to buy back home. Also, the sushi restaurant tucked away in a side alley was everything I had hoped for. I researched many tours for the Tsukiji market before deciding on this one, and I have no regrets.

  • Nini Nini

    Great! Tour!

    Great tour! Totally worth the price! Exploring the fish market with Atsushi was worth every second and he explains to you everything. He knows the ins and outs, the small alley ways to go down and such. He takes his time bringing you through so you can soak up your surroundings. I was very happy with this tour and I'm glad we found the Tsukiji King :')

  • Ana Ana

    A delicious and wholesome experience in every sense

    Tsijuki King is knowledgeable of the market, its history and traditions and how to move around. He is patient and great at explaining ... best way to discover the market!

  • Hayley Hayley

    The BEST way to see the fish market!

    I purchased this for my boyfriend for his birthday as he really wanted to see the market, and I am so glad I did! The Tsukiji King has so much knowledge of the market and its surroundings, and took the time to answer any question we asked, let us take our time to look at souviners and market items and was so knowledgable of the market. The sushi we had afterwards at his recommended restaurant was the best we have had in Japan, we have been here a month all around the country and still haven't found sushi better then the one we went to! Highly recommend this tour.

  • Natalya Natalya

    Great tour!

    We really enjoyed this tour!
    Great knowledge of our guide and small size of the group made it a great experience. We saw different parts of the market, were able to do some shopping, visit a small shrine/temple and had a delicious lunch - reservation was kindly made by our host!

  • Timothy Timothy

    He knows his stuff.

    I went on this tour my first full day in Japan. Meeting point was convenient. They guy knows his stuff. He was very approachable and friendly. We went through all around the market and it was a very good experience overall. His recommended sushi place at the end was also top notch. Highly recommended.

  • Chika Chika

    Super good guide to have enriched my Tsukiji Visit

    Very informative and well planned guide.
    The tour started from Main entrace and walked throught the Inner Market.
    The aisle we walked, the shop explined, the picuter showed; all had meanings.
    This is not my first visit to Tsukiji, actually have visited several times in past 6 months.
    Even a local Japanese like myself learned a lot. I will enjoy Tsukiji much more when I return next time.
    Thank you very much, Tsukiji King-san.

  • Kenji Kenji

    Highly Recommend

    Atsushi was an excellent guide! Without his help it would have been very easy to be overwhelmed by and/or get lost in the market due to its sheer size. But Atsushi was able to hit all the major spots throughout the market, took me to shops to find items that I was looking for, and also provided a lot of historic background info along the way. I highly recommend booking this tour if you're interested in visiting the market.

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