Private Tokyo Toyosu Tuna Auction Tour in English

ID: 2678

Explore the brand new Toyosu Market with a professional, English-speaking tour guide and watch the infamous Tuna Auction in the early morning.


  • Tour the brand new Toyosu Market which is famous as the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world
  • Learn about the history of the fish market and its offerings from a knowledgeable, English-speaking, professional tour guide with years of experience in the hotel and food and beverage industry
  • Witness the well-known Tuna Auction at newly opened Toyosu Market, from when brokers check the quality of the fish to when they sold at extravagant prices
  • Gain insight into the tour guide's list of recommended sushi restaurants in the Toyosu Market
  • Savor the freshest and tastiest sushi for breakfast
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