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Unlimited data usage of WiFi Internet in Japan with this portable rental router! Convenient for travelers who want to be connected everywhere in Japan! Flat fees per day and multiple rental locations available!

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  • Rent a portable WiFi router and stay connected during your trip to Japan
  • Convenient pick-up and return locations at various airports across Japan
  • Flat rate per day with unlimited data usage
  • High speed internet anytime, anywhere – up to 187.5Mbps download and 37.5Mbps upload!
  • Possible to connect up to 14 devices at once!

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At your selected pickup point


When you book, please select the number of days you want to rent the WiFi router for using the "Select Quantity: Person" box. Even though it says "Person", for this booking the number displayed will mean days of use, NOT number of participants in your group.

Malfunction and Loss
1.We will offer a free replacement if your rental device malfunctions.
2.If you break the device, please return all parts.
3.Note that the device will be treated as a lost item (subject to charge) if any parts are missing.
4.If you lose the device you will incur a compensation fee.


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Make your journey more special with our portable WiFi!
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レビュー (13)

  • Gabriel Gabriel

    Renting pocket wifi

    Picking up at Haneda Airport was a breeze. Definitely a life saver. I used with a group of 5 people for 8 days and worked perfect. Only downside is that the unit gets hot and will not last a full day. Luckily I had a portable charger to keep it going. Recommended!

  • Michael Michael


    Accidentally, I flew back home with the device... I sent it back to them by international mail... Voyagin team, I'm so sorry for that and thank you so much for your kind support. Be careful not to bring it home!

  • Hanif Hanif

    worth it

    very worth it. I had 0 issues.

  • Lien Lien


    I picked the router up at Narita airport and returned it to Kansai airport. Very flexible and counter staff was friendly.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo


    Great WiFi service! Unlimited and high speed Internet!

  • Susan Susan

    Life without internet?!

    I can't live without the Internet...can you?

  • Selena Selena

    You should rent wifi

    Absolutely worth it to rental a wi-fi router in Japan!

  • Robert Robert

    It is very hard to find and connect to wi-fi hot spots in Japan

    I find renting wifi very useful. It's easier to navigate around with Google instead of finding free wifi in Japan most of the public wifi was too slow.

  • Katie Katie

    This wifi router helped me a lot

    Of course, everything in Japan is written in Japanese and most people can't speak English so I always translated what I want into Japanese using my phone with the wifi and asked workers at places to help me!

  • James James


    The price was very clear with this wifi. I could use wifi without caring about how much data I used. Never got stressed by its internet speed. I have nothing to complain about this wifi! Other companies have a data limit, and with some cheap ones the speed is very slow. I think this wifi was a very good decision.

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