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Discover the world of Japanese traditional music by playing the classical musical instruments shamisen and koto! This will be a wonderful experience during your trip to Japan!

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  • Learn to play shamisen, a 3-string Japanese instrument
  • Learn to play koto, a refined classical musical instrument

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I am an instructor at the Oyama school of Tsugaru Shamisen. I also play the “koto” (Japanese harp) and the Okinawan sanshin (gutair-like instrument). In addition to being experienced in Japanese music, I also have a deep understanding of Japanese arts and culture. I want to help expose non-Japanese people to Japanese culture through my work and teachings.
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レビュー (15)

  • Mark Mark

    Intro to Shamisen and Koto

    Kozan-san was a fantastic teacher. My wife and I both have significant guitar experience and Kozan-san was able to leverage that into an all too short lesson. We learnt one of the Yoshida brother's classics and even had some time to get an intro into koto. I was so impressed by the lesson that I bought his book of Shamisen scores which has been a primary resource for me to understand Japanese music .

  • Philipp Philipp

    Great lesson made time fly by

    We had a little trouble finding the teachers house but then we met him outside already searching for us. The lesson was really fun and time was flying by. My friend and me played both instruments each for the very first time and it wasn't easy (even for experienced guitar players) but the teacher was very patient and spreading nice vibes. Also he played some impressive songs when we asked him to play something for us. At the end he took some fotos of us playing the shamisen and koto.

  • Chia Chia

    Very patient and helpful!

    I was trying to look for Kozan-san's place without WIFI that day in the rain and got lost for a bit, ended up late by around 20 minutes. Kozan-san was very nice to extend the ending time for the class since his next class starts 30 minutes after the original ending time of my class. The whole experience was very unique and fun! I was even more charmed by shamisen after the class! Definitely recommending this class to my friends!

  • Angshuman Angshuman

    An experience to cherish

    The 2 hour session with Kozan san was enriching. It always helps when your teacher is a good player himself and yet has the patience to handle novices. He encouraged and guided me to try out a few tunes. It certainly adds to ppreciation and any performing art enthusiast is likely to love this experience. A big thank you to Kozan san and Voyagin.

  • Vicky Vicky

    I've been enjoyed the lesson so much. The sound of the shamisen and koto is really beautiful. Thank you so much for Kozan sensei. He's really nice and I'm so appreciate with his demonstration.

  • Dayne Dayne

    An amazing time!! Any north Americans who have an interest in Japanese string instruments, this is a must do. Kozan is very patient, very kind, professional, and a great teacher!

  • Kate Kate

    Thankyou for my lesson. It was very interesting and I got to play the koto also. It was difficult at first but very enjoyable. I think I'f you ever hear this music and want to try... But don't live in Kyoto.. This is the guy to go to! :) thanks very much and I will have another lesson soon.

  • Richard Richard

    Kozan is amazing at playing the shamisen. He is a great teacher, very friendly, and very good at giving direction. I had no trouble playing the shamisen, and picked it up quite easily. Also, ask Kozan to demonstrate playing the Koto on your visit... you won’t regret it. If you’re after a traditional Japanese experience, I suggest trying this out as it fun and unique activity... one to boast to your jealous friends about back home!
    As an added bonus, he made traditional Japanese tea for me which really hit the spot.

  • Nicolas Nicolas

    wonderful time with Kozan-san

    Kozan-san is a wonderful teacher and player of shamisen and koto. He could make me quickly being able to hold the instrument correctly and to play some small pieces. He also played for me some original pieces. It was my first contact with these two japanese traditional instruments and it was not a problem thanks to Kozan-san's talent, advice and patience. This was such an amazing and enjoyable experience. To be recommended to anyone interested in japanese traditional music. Many thanks to Kozan-san.

  • Stephen Stephen

    Fantastic instructor, memorable experience

    Kozan was fantastic. Great teacher, incredible shamisen and koto player. Truly unique experience. Loved getting my first lesson - now I'm going to buy a shamisen and practice at home!

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