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Last Minute Tickets to Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

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Voyaginが面談を実施したホストです。 詳しくはよくある質問をご確認ください。

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Visit the Ghibli Museum, the themed park that uses Studio Ghibli characters and designs as their motif! Tickets are not available at the museum and must be bought in advance, so please allow us to help with your visit.

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  • Preorder your tickets conveniently over our website (please read the guidelines below)
  • Explore the museum and look for your favorite Ghibli characters
  • Watch one of Miyazaki's earliest films, only shown in the museum theater
  • Relax at the cafe after your exploration
  • Shop for exclusive Ghibli-themed souvenirs

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Museum tickets will be delivered to the guest's hotel or picked up from Voyagin's Tokyo office.


Please make sure to bring your physical tickets to the Ghibli Museum. You will not be allowed into the Ghibli Museum with just the Voyagin confirmation email.

Once your ticket booking has been accepted, please kindly note that it is not refundable nor exchangeable for tickets of an alternative date and time.

Please also note that you must enter the museum on time with your designated tickets to be allowed inside. The official entry period is for 30 minutes from the ticket start time: 10:00-10:30; 12:00-12:30; 14:00-14:30; or 16:00-16:30 depending on your ticket.

If you are purchasing a ticket as a gift, please inform us of the name of the guest attending the museum. The guest is required to bring an ID or passport matching the name written on the tickets.

If you have any issues on your journey to the museum or upon arrival, please feel free to call us on +81 (0)3 4405 6619.

The Ghibli museum does not allow baby strollers inside the museum. Please leave your stroller at the stroller drop-off section and carry your baby.

We cannot always 100% guarantee tickets. After we confirm your booking, we will buy them for you as soon as possible, but please be aware there's always a slight chance for them to sell out in the meantime. If they are not available at your requested date/time we may supply the nearest available time slot with your consent. In the event we cannot acquire tickets, we will reimburse you the full cost.


Your physical ticket(s) and the passport of the ticket purchaser


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  • Kozo Kozo


  • Eugene Eugene

    A wonderfully reliable experience. Yuki delivered as promised, purchasing our tickets and delivering them to our hotel in Tokyo in plenty of time for our session. どうもありがとうございました! Will definitely use Voyagin in future

  • Sam Sam


    An amazing experience in the most magical sense such beauty everywhere

  • Georgia Georgia

    Ghibli was excellent!

    After paying a 400 percent mark up on tickets to The Ghibli Musuem (which I was willing to pay after missing out on them) I would have preferred to be emailed the two pieces of black & white photocopied paper instead of having to trek across Tokyo with 4 kids in tow, to Shibuya to pick them up from your office. I was expecting some amazing tickets not two pieces of A4 I could have printed on my printer at home. Very poor customer experience.

  • Irene Irene

    Great time at Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli museum is an enchanting place,definitely worth it to visit! Voyagin staff was very helpful and responded promptly to all our questions,I will definitely use their services again!

  • Anna Anna

    It was easy and convenient!

    Thank you Voyagin for a chance not to miss amazing Ghibli museum

  • Johannes Johannes

    What a wonderful day at ghibli museum!

    Thanks to voyagin we had a unique experience at the Ghibli Museum. It's so cool to see some artwork, a little movie in the saturn cinema and then buy something in the shop! Every Miyazaki fan has to come here and voyagin is the best way to do it :)

  • Azri Azri

    Ghibli Museum is a MUST go for fans

    Overall its a good experience. The Ghibli museum is a must visit for every fans of both Anime and Studio Ghibli. The ticket bought is overpriced when purchase here but the Ghibli experience is memorable.

    Voyagin could improve in their communication with their customer and also when collecting the ticket.

  • Adele Adele


    Ticket arrived on time in my hotel with useful travel instructions.

  • Serena Serena

    Charmful museum in the woods

    My husband and I had a good time at the Ghibli Museum. We were hoping to watch the new Miyazaki short film, but the original film was just as enjoyable. Initially we thought two hours wouldn't be enough time to see everything, but upon arriving on the site it was possible. It was unfortunate we couldn't take photos inside the museum.

    Thank you, Voyagin, for reserving our tickets!


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