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Experience a tea ceremony or wearing kimono at Bonsai Museum

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Enjoy an authentic tea ceremony and kimono experience in a traditional Japanese-style house in Tokyo! You can see not only beautiful Japanese architecture but also selected bonsai art displayed in the garden. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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  • Enjoy an authentic tea ceremony in a traditional Japanese-style house
  • From the tea room you can see beautiful Bonsai art displayed in the Japanese-style garden
  • Enjoy taking pictures both in the room and the garden while wearing Kimono
  • Make powdered green tea by yourself
  • Ladies can put on the beautiful long-sleeved Furisode kimono

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Shunkaen Bonsai Museum in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo (nearest station: Mizue on Toei Shinjuku line)





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  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

Hi! I'm Kazuko.

I used to feel like an busy person (housewife and mother), but once I entered the tea room wearing Kimono, I spontaneously rediscovered the female elegance inside me. Enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony tradition with me. I'm looking forward to welcoming you!
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レビュー (53)

  • Joanne Joanne

    Beautiful place and highly recommend the tea ceremony. Most delightful.

    Beautiful place and highly recommend the tea ceremony. Most delightful. Everyone there was very friendly.

  • Florine Florine

    Great place to experience a more relaxing, cultural side of Tokyo

    We booked the tour to do a tea ceremony wearing a Kimono.
    The setting in this beautiful traditional style house, with the smell of wood and the subtle sounds of running water from the garden on the background, brings your mind at peace immediately. Choosing a colourful Kimono to wear and being dressed in it was a lot of fun and created some nice opportunities for beautiful pictures, but the highlight was the tea ceremony itself. Our host explained very well the traditions behind the ceremony and her careful preparation of the tea made the experience very moving. Strolling around the beautiful garden with the bonsai trees made it complete.
    Thank you for a great tour!

  • Juliette Juliette

    Our kind host accommodated us with a lot of information about the tea ceremony and helped us with great photo opportunities with the kimonos

    Having the tea ceremony under the cherry blossom tree in a cozy little room was perfect. I love the bitterness of the tea and love observing the ceremony through the experienced hands of our host. It was a quiet but quaint process, so precise and structured. Learning the proper route to holding the bowl, how to enjoy the cherry blossom Wagashi was yummy and fun. The Bonsai trees were amazing. I took so many photos during my stay. Last but not least the kimono was gorgeous. I love the bright and festive colors of mine. My partner and I really enjoyed our time in the clothes. Taking small steps around the building in the thick Kimono really felt like a step in the past. It was great to experience and so aesthetically pleasing!

  • Daria Daria

    An unforgettable touch of Japanese culture

    The tea ceremony is an outstanding experience, and colourful kimonos gave us the best photos of the trip. :) The Bonsai Museum itself is worth visiting too, and it's a nice place for the ceremony: you can hear the sound of water outside while you're taking your sips of the matcha tea. Kazuko-san has been very friendly and responsive: she encouraged us to relax, explained all the details and even gave us presents as a keepsake. We are very grateful to her.

  • Stephanie Stephanie

    me and my mom had a wonderful experience!!

    our host kazuko was wonderful, she provided good information on how to get to the museum. She was so kind! trying on the kimono's was alot of fun. The tea ceremony was wonderful, Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

  • Milin Milin

    Super although weather was not there

    i was surprised by the amount of bonsai they have, all so unique and beautiful. don't forget to walk on each on the different level so it gives you a great view

  • Diogenes Diogenes

    Fue la mejor experienca de todas

    Kazuko-san fue muy amable y explico en detalle todo. Los kimonos son de gran calidad y nos permiten tomarnos fotos dentro del museo, la ceremonia del té, fue increible y hasta nos enseño como preparlo nosotros mismos.
    Esta es una actividad obligatoria si estas en Tokyo

  • Julia Julia

    A wonderful Kimono experience - Highly recommended.

    My friends and I were in Tokyo for a bachelorette and our Kimono experience at The Bonsai Museum was wonderful way to take in the Japanese culture.
    I would highly recommend this experience to anyone travelling to Tokyo. Kazuko and her helper were so kind and patient with us as we were a big group and we loved wearing the beautiful Kimonos.
    The Bonsai Museum is a hidden gem and a great place to escape for a tranquil afternoon.
    Thank You, Kazuko :)

  • Chiara Chiara


    bellissima esperienza che ci ha permesso di vivere fino in fondo la bellezza e solennità della cerimonia del the e della vestizione del kimono.
    Kazuko è stata fantastica con noi.

  • Laura Laura

    Great experience

    We had a great time trying on the kimonos and experiencing the tea ceremony! Our host was so friendly and told us a lot of interesting things. Communication in English went without any issues

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