Embark on a "Flavors of Japan" Food Tour in Nihonbashi,Tokyo

ID: 7939

Experience Japan’s most amazing flavors & develop a deeper understanding of why Japanese cuisine is so exquisite and unique. Learn about the food from the different regions of Japan, the process of how to make them & why they come from those areas.


  • Explore Nihonbashi area on this 3 -hour tour of flavors and food of Japan
  • Understand what makes Japanese food unique and exquisitely delicious
  • Visit a regional food store and try some local delicacies
  • Visit 8 food stops showing the different flavors and regions and traditions of Japanese cuisine and tea.
  • Food samplings include Dashi (soup stock), Regional snacks, Egg roll (Tamagoyaki), Fish cakes from Kagoshima, eel sushi, wagashi and green teas.
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