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Dress up yourself in Kimono & take beautiful pictures at a luxurious photo studio in Shinjuku, Tokyo! Choose a gorgeous Kimono & put some makeup on to transform yourself into an Oiran! Enjoy an authentic cosplay experience while staying in Tokyo!

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  • Dress up in gorgeous kimono in Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Put some makeup on and transform yourself into an Oiran!
  • Take pictures with fancy decorations at a luxurious photo studio!
  • Enjoy an authentic cosplay experience in Tokyo!

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Rei Photo Studio, Shinjuku, Tokyo


- You can visit the studio with your makeup on. You can ask the staff to bring you the makeup remover in the studio
- Smoking inside the photo studio area is strictly prohibited. Please smoke before or after visiting the studio
- You don't need to bring any particular stuff to the studio, and if you would like to use additional accessories and color contacts, please let us know beforehand
- If you have someone coming with you to the studio, please let us know when making this reservation
- Only the official photographer is permitted to take photos in the studio. No selfies please.


Nothing in particular

ホストについて :
Voyagin Studio "Rei"
  • English (Fluent)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Hi, we are studio "Rei", offering kimono costumes in Shinjuku.
Hope you have a good Japanese traditional experience through our service.
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レビュー (3)

  • Buffy Buffy

    Oiran Experience in Shinjuku

    It was one of the best experiences I had in Japan👍
    The make up and photoshoot was very quick , it was all fast and done within 30 mins I think and yet all my photos came out great, they're beautiful, elegantly shot, thank you to the staff 👍👍👍✌️✌️
    I highly recommend this , 5star👍👍👍😊

  • Silvia Silvia

    Great experience - it was really fun!

    Very warm welcome.
    They have great variety of very precious kimonos, you get an authentic make-up and hair done (wig), a lot of jewelry.
    I looked like a real Oiran - and it was great!
    They lady, who did this experience with me, was first doing my make-up, then my hair and dressing me up. Her english was ok.
    It was fun working with her. She also did the photos.

    I could see them on the display of the camera, but not on a bigger screen. She gave me a photo CD, which I was only able checking at home. And as I do a lot of photos myself (photography as hobby), I realized that on a lot of pictures the sharpness was not on my face. That was a pity....

    Nevertheless - great experience, it was fun dressing up as an Oiran.

  • Kristina Kristina

    Photo Studio Rei

    I want My Money back... the Photo shooting was just 1 Hour... i Booked a Kimono shooting with 2 costumes!!!
    They just make photos with one... First they Showed me some dresses in Japanese Style... i told them , i booked kimono Style... them they showed me Kimonos, But told me, then only one...
    It was just Money making, it was a Rush... no Geisha Make-up...
    then she gave me one cd, with only 50 photos Instead of 100!!!!! And they did Not gave me a Print like in the discreption!!!
    And it was just 1 Quik and stressing Hour, instead of 2 or 2 1/2 !!!!
    It was just Money making...
    The Studio is old and they did Not ask me about the Backround or they did Not gave me Time to Check the photos...
    I payed 258€ for one Rush Hour , Not very Nice.!!!!
    And only 50 photos...
    I would like to have a answer...

    Thank You
    Kristina Myny

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