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Are you a dog lover? Interested in meeting a dignified and courageous dog? Meet the Akita dog, a noble breed that originated in Japan. Indulge yourself in a diner&bar where you can interact with a former multi-award winning TV and magazine star dog.

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  • Meet the properly trained and socialized Akita dog
  • Treat yourself to a delicious Japanese beef hamburger patty and much more
  • You can have green tea with Japanese confectionery
  • You can choose to wear a Japanese yukata and take photos
  • Barrier-free diner where wheelchairs are accessible

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At our diner & bar in Ota-ku, Tokyo. We'll send you the address and a map of the area when we accept your booking.




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  • English (Beginner)
  • Français (Beginner)

I'm Mickey and I own a diner & bar in Tokyo where you can spend relaxing time with an affectionate Akita dog. You might know the Akita dog breed from the popular story about the loyal dog Hachiko, featured also in a Hollywood movie starring Richard Gere.
I have been managing this diner & bar for over 10 years. The affectionate pet Hayate has won many awards and has appeared numerous times on TV and in magazines. Come to my place and enjoy a wonderful time with Japan's most popular dog!
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レビュー (4)

  • Andrea Andrea

    Tea with haya-Chan

    I love passing time with haya-chan. The hostess was a really amiable person. And made it happen really smooth, since haya-chan was a little sleepy. The tea really good I recomend the experience.

  • Laura Laura

    adorable Inu and super nice staff

    Although we were in bit of a hurry becase o tight schedule we were elcomed warmly with nice Dinner und nice staff. Hayate was also very sweet :)

  • Jens Jens

    Great dogs, great food and great company!

    It was a fantastic evening! Our reason for booking the experience was to meet an Akita Inu, and we delightedly surprised. Mickey-san had invited several of her dog-owner friends over to visit and on top of meeting Mickeys Akita, Haya-chan, we met a female Akita, Hime-chan, and two Shiba Inus. The food was delicious. Especially the seasonal dessert, sakura-dorayaki. Overall, Mickey-san was a perfect host and we warmly recommend a visit to her place if you are a dog lover!

  • Julia Julia

    Cute dog & kind host

    Hayate (the Akita) was really super cute and stylish with his bowtie. Also, the host was very kind, we got some grean tea with delicious Japanese sweets as well as some ice tea afterwards. We even could wear a kimono and yukata to take some pictures together with Hayate. Thanks for this wonderful experience!

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