Meet Totoro! Hike rich-nature Japanese countryside!

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Hike a unique place in the Japanese countryside which inspired the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" and visit many attractions such as an old traditional house named "Kurosuke's house", preserved forests called "Totoro's forest", shrines, temples, etc.


  • You can experience Japanese country life by seeing landscapes and visiting attractions such as an old traditional house, shrines, temples, rice fields and tea-plans farmlands.
  • You can experience Japanese nature by visiting preserved forests. (The guide is knowledgeable about nature: wild animals & plants.)
  • You can experience high-grade Japanese food at a refined restaurant for a reasonable price.
  • You can have fun by meeting many characters you know from in the famous animated film!
異文化体験をもっと身近にする - Voyagin(ボヤジン)は旅を最高の思い出にする旅行体験を探せるサイトです。

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