March 25 - April 7: Kyoto Kitano Odori and Dinner with Maiko

ID: 9521

Kitano Odori is a special show held once per year in Kyoto, in which the geisha and maiko from Kamishichiken exhibit their art, songs and dances. In 2018 the event will be held between March 25 and April 7. Watch it and have a dinner with a maiko!


  • Watch the high level performances of the geisha and maiko from Kamishichiken, the oldest geisha district in Kyoto
  • Eat local sweets and drink Matcha, powdered green tea before enjoying the performances
  • Have dinner in a private room in a nearby restaurant
  • A real maiko will accompany you during the dinner, so you will be able to talk with her and take photos together
  • Pick-up available from accommodations in central Kyoto
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