Ride the Udon Taxi around various Udon restaurants in Kagawa

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Guide you to various Udon restaurants. Drivers are specialists of Udon. They passed a written test, a field test and hand-made Udon test. The Udon Taxi has original lamp, so you can enjoy not only udon restaurants but also the taxi's appearance!

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  • Guide you to Udon resutaurants.
  • Enjoy talking with the special drivers in the Udon Taxi.

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Pick-up at your hotel in Chu-san area (around Konpira), Kotohira Station, Marugame Station, Utazu Station, Sakaide Station, Takamatsu Airport.





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Shinnihon Tourist
  • 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Beginner)

We plan unique taxi tour in Kagawa. The taxi we have is so photogenic, if you get on our taxi, everyone look and take photos. You must enjoy their appearance and services.
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