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  • 【簡単予約】申し込みは2, 3分で完了!
  • 【野生動物たちに大接近】ライオンやトラ、熊たちの野生の姿を観察しよう。
  • オランウータンとの楽しい朝食 - ジャングルの王様たちと一緒に豪快な食事を!
  • スマトラゾウと仲良くなろう - 象に乗ってサファリを歩きながら、象使いの気分を味わえます
  • 【家族で楽しめる】お子様をポニーに乗せたり、へびや赤ちゃんワニ、トラの子を抱いてる姿を写真撮影!

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お子様専用の水遊び場(ミネアポリスウォーターパーク)への入場が含まれていないチケットに関しては、当日スタッフへIDR 65,000現金で支払う必要があります。




レビュー (22)

  • Sayaka Sayaka


    バリの動物園、日本ではできない体験が盛りだくさん。 ロゴやイラストもおしゃれ。 2歳の娘も大満足でした!

  • Francois Francois

    The booking is easy

    My friend book the ticket thru the park website a day earlier since I couldn't decide whether it's gonna be worth it. But I decided to go anyway and I tried to book from Voyagin. My friend ended up waiting on the counter for the staffs to make phone calls and it was taking quite some time. But I just need to show the booking from my mobile phone, and voila! 2 seconds and without any pohonecalls later, I can go in. really like this sytem. The park in general is good tho, nothing special

  • Jack Jack

    Totally worth every penny

    We just bought the normal admission tickets and got there with our bikes. Just a 40 min drive from Kuta. And for 23 bucks I cannot imagine anything else so awesome in Bali. Rather than a bunch of Bintangs of course haha

  • John Farcroft John Farcroft

    Can't say anything bad

    Nice, clean, freidnly staff, upbeat well taken care of animals. liked it

  • T. Robbie T. Robbie

    It's more than what we expected

    When I went to Bali a few years ago I asked a local if they have any zoo around, and he said he certainly wouldn't recommend Bali Zoo since it's pretty old and not well kept. I came back to visit bali again last week and I asked the local is now actually recommend Bali Zoo! I'm quire confused and decided to try to find out and it's actually great! We love the park and for the kids, there's many attraction to do. Definetly recommending this one to family tryp

  • Stefan Stefan

    One of the most under-rated activities in Bali

    We've been visiting Bali for 5 times already and just accidentally found Bali Zoo on voyagin. Much fun and really cheap! Thank you guys!

  • Michelle Michelle

    Don't feed the white goat

    They have a really cute aread where you can go inside and hand feed deers, kengaroos and all sorts of nice animals. But there was this small white creature which was not letting me feed any other animals and she eventually hopped on me and got my white jeans dirty. I should have had more sense to come there in white to the Zoo so don't repeat my mistakes. Otherwise, a really nice zoo. Don't miss it when you are in Bali

  • Rey Rey

    Not a very big park

    We've expected a bit larger territory and the variety of species. But i cannot say we were disappointed. We spent 5 hours in the park in total and it was quite full with experience. 2 hours we spend in their main restaurant where they have a really nice lunch and where they do all sorts of shows while you eat. Quite authentic

  • Kathleen S. Kathleen S.

    Still thrilled with emotions

    Generally it is a very nice zoo, but the real difference is made by Jacky - a huge orangutan who entertains herself by throwong fruits into the park guests. And she seems much cleverer than some visitors haha))) Spent probably half an hour with her!

  • Igor Igor

    Definetely one of the best zoos I've been to

    a pure tropical experience surrounded by great nature and all the animals around you. The restaurant where you eat in a few meters from the lion behind a thin glass is jaw-dropping!

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